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Civil War Kal test

South Carolina
last state to take down the confederate flag from their capital
"Peculiar Institution"
Ordinances of Secession
documents adopted by SC in a special convention to secede
Montgomery, AL
Southern Delegates met here to organize the Confederacy
Richmond, VA
Capital of the Confederacy
Horace Greeley
"Let the erring sisters go in peace"
"Lame Duck" president
President Buchanan
It was unconstitutional to stop the states from leaving the union
Proposed a compromise to solve the issue
"To this fact I hold chains of steel" about the non extension of slavery
anti war northerners who supported the south cause
"Peace Democrats"
Southern sympathizers who weakened the northern cause
General Winfield Scott
One of the only generals of the north that had military experience
Winfield Scott
said to Lincoln that Robert E Lee should lead the Northern Army
Robert E. Lee
said he "could not go against his country" meaning Virginia
Anaconda Plan
The military plan drafted by Winfield Scott with Irvin McDowell and Lincoln
Taking Richmond
Most important thing in the anaconda plan
Gideon Wells
Called the northern cause of blockading the southern ports a "Paper Blockade"
David G. Farragot
Took New Orleans for the north
Winfield Scott
Quickly resigned to Lincoln after drawing up the Anaconda Plan
General Irvin McDowell
led the Army of the Potomac at Bull Run, then was replaced
Army of the Potomac
The name of Union army
General McClellan
was considered a great trainer of troops but often hesitated and overestimated the size of the enemy in battle
General McClellan
"Young Napoleon"
General McClellan
hated lincoln, and wanted his general position to jump him to the presidency
General McClellan
"Little Mack"
Premonitory orders
commands given directly by the president to a certain person or general
General McClellan
"I could become a dictator if I wanted to, but luckily I dont want to"
General Pope
His first battle was 2nd Manassas, lost miserably
General Pope
replaced McClellan after he failed to recognize Lincoln's orders
replaced Pope after 2nd Manassas, but was removed again right before Fredricksberg
General Burnside
Lead the Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Fredricksberg, replaced McClellan
General Thomas Hooker
Replaced Burnside, lead the Union at Chancellorsville
Thomas Hooker
Wanted to have Lee set up with his Niece
General Meade
Replaced Hooker
General Meade
Lead the Army of the Potomac at the battle of Gettysburg, but was replaced after allowing Lee to get back to VA
Ulysses S. Grant
called "butcher" by Mrs. Lincoln and others
Ulysses Grant
Led Union Army to victory, and replaced Meade
Generals William Sherman and Sheridan
Assisted Grant in winning the Civil War
Joseph Brown
Governor of Georgia who was opposed to having non Georgians lead a Georgia unit in the war
General Benjamin Butler
MA politician that once backed Jefferson Davis as president
Benjamin Butler
"The Fugitive slave act did not effect a foreign country"
Benjamin Butler
Had permission to hold fugitive slaves and employ them in Union Army
Irvin McDowell
"This is not an army" regarding the union army
Irvin McDowell
wanted to cut the railroad at Manassas and move towards richmond
General Beauregard
Knew about McDowell's plan of cutting the railroad at Manassas in advance
Rose Greenhow
Spy who told Beauregard the plans of the North at Bull Run
Union Army
"Bristling Monster"
Wilmur McLean's house
General Beauregard made headquarters at Bull Run here
"We were surrounded by a valley of musket tree, my first thought was a peculiar image of bullets"
Appomattox Courthouse
Place where Wilmur McLean moves his family
Stonewall Jackson
instilled confidence in the Confederates at Bull Run with reinforcements
The Rebel Yell
War cry used by the confederate army in battle, got it from the battle of Jericho in the Bible
General WW Blackford
"The surgeons had implied upon the union, the surgeons were splattered with blood armed with large saws, throwing the mangled legs into a bin"
Josiah Laveal
"We stopped many times to give some a drink, but we were threatened with the horrors of war"
Bull Run/Manassas
First Battle of the War, confederates win it
Jefferson Davis
"My fellow citizens, your little army has met the grand army of the enemy and it now flies in retreat, we have now taught them a lesson in going into the land of Virginia"
George Templeton Strong
Called the day after the Battle of Bull Run/Manassas "Black Monday"
Frederick Douglass
"The pride, the stupid prejudice, and folly that rules the hour"
Lord Palmerston
England's Prime Minister
The Trent
The English Ship that the Union captured that had Confederate diplomats on it
James Mason & John Slidell
The confederate diplomats on "The Trent" english ship that got captured by the Union
George McClellan
"I can do it all"
Ulysses S. Grant
"As we approached the hill my heart got higher and higher until I thought it was in my troop, the enemies troops were gone, it occurred to me at once that he was now afraid of me as I am of him"
Harriet Tubman
Served as a Southern cook to be a northern spy
Thomas Stonewall Jackson
"Old Blue Light"
Patoka, NY
City that Ulysses S. Grant and co . took at the start of the war, Grant was returned to desk duty after this because of his soldier's actions
William Tecumseh Sherman
Was instituted in an insane asylum when he was removed as head officer in the West when he said at least 20000 men were needed
Sullivan Ballou
wrote a very eloquent letter to his wife sarah before Bull Run
Sullivan Ballou
"Dear Sarah, the indications are very strong that we will move in a few days... I want to pay my debt, but my love for you is debtless...forgive my many faults, but oh sarah if the dead can come back to the earth, I will be with you always... Don't mourn my death, for we shall meet again"
George Templeton Strong
"It has been a gloomy year of departure, but 1862 will not be much better"
Point Pleasant, OH
Birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant
Jesse Grant
Ulysses S. Grant's father
Hannah Simpson
Ulysses S. Grant's mother
Georgetown, OH
Place where the Grant family moved to when Ulysses was 7
Hiram Ulysses Grant
Ullysses Simpson Grant's first name before changing it twice
"One of the most unjust wars against a weaker nation" regarding the Mexican American War
Ulysses S Grant
Friends called him "Sam"
Julia Dent
Ulysses S Grant's wife
Whitehaven, MO
Julia Dent's home where she met Grant
Sackets Harbor, NY
Place where Grant and his wife moved to
Hardscrabble Farm
Land that Julia Dent's father gave U. Grant, grant's failed farm
Simon Bolivar Buckner
Lent Grant money, eventually surrendered to him at Fort Donelson
Ulysses S. Grant's slave/personal helper
Willard's hotel
Place where Grant would stay during his military career
21st IL volunteer regiment
1st group Grant was appointed commander of
Belmont, MO
first battle for Grant
Andrew Foote
Commander whose gunboats Fort Henry fell to
Fort Henry and Fort Donelson
Grant and his men tried to take both of these forts from the Confederates
John Floyd and Gideon Pillow
Confederate generals who escaped during the night at Fort Donelson, and left Simon Bolivar Buckner in charge of the fort
"My supreme duty was to my flag"
John Rawlins
"He dropped a stoop short of walking"
Yankee Doodle
The only song Grant said to recognize
"Sometimes I want to resign, but Poverty, Poverty begins to stare at me in the face"
Dover Hotel
The place Simon Bolivar surrendered Fort Donelson to his friend U.S. Grant at
"Unconditional Surrender Grant"
Nickname for Grant after the taking of Ft. Donelson
Albert Sydney Johnston
Commanded the Confederate Troops at the Battle of Shiloh
Albert S. Johnston
"Today we will water or horses in the lands of Tennessee"
Don Carlos Buell
Was supposed to bring in Union reinforcements at the Battle of Shiloh, but came late
Ulysses S. Grant
He was so focused on taking Corinth, that he neglected his defenses
The Hornets Nest
"Maddened Demons" at the Battle of Shiloh
Benjamin Prentice
Commanded the Hornet's Nest at Battle of Shiloh
The Hornet's Nest
Did not do much damage at Battle of Shiloh, but delayed the Confederate forces for 6 hours in time for Union Reinforcements
The Hornet's Nest
A group of Illinois farm men that helped the union army stall the Confederacy at the Battle of Shiloh with their relentless pressure
PGT Beauregard
Took over for Albert Johnston after he was killed in the Battle of Shiloh as commander of the Confederate Forces
The song that played when Don Carlos Buell brought in his reinforcements for the Union at the Battle of Shiloh
PGT Beauregard
Brought reinforcements in for the South at the Battle of Shiloh
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Lead the last cavalry charge into the union army at the Battle of Shiloh
Battle of Shiloh
After this Battle, people called for Grant's resignation because of the number of casualties
Henry Halleck
Man who took command of the TN, OH, MS armies from US Grant after Battle of Shiloh
Hebrew for "Place of Peace"
Nathan Bedford Forrest
"Born to be a soldier like John Keats was born to be a poet"
"Forrest must be hunted down and killed"
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Founder of the Klu Klux Klan
Henry Adams
"Science will cause humans to blow up the world - It takes precedent over tactics"
Claude Minie
Inventor of the rifle and spinning bullet
John Rawlins
Grant's chief of staff
Robert E Lee
born in Stratford, VA
Robert E Lee's father
"Lighthouse Harry"
Mary Custis
Lee's wife
Arlington, VA
Place of Lee's Mansion
"I did only what my duty demanded"
Robert E Lee
"Those People" referring to the union army
Robert E Lee
"King of Spades"
Robert E Lee
"Granny Lee"
Robert E Lee
"Marsh Robert"
Robert E Lee
"Bobby Lee"
Robert E Lee
"Real-life King Arthur"
Henry Adams
"It is always the good people who do the most harm in the world"
Core of Engineers
Lee was appointed to this
Horace Greeley
"It seems to us that whatever strengthens slavery is attempted to divide the union"
Abraham Lincoln
"If I could save the union without freeing a slave I would do it"
Prime Minister Pomerstan
"The proposal would naturally be made, with a view on the basis of separation"
Harrisburg, PA
The place of the railroad that the confederates wanted to attack at
"Oh Maryland, My Maryland"
The song the confederates came while marching threw Maryland
"Lee's Warhorse"
Battle of Antietam
Northern name for Battle of Sharpsburg
Southern name for Battle of Antietam
"The number increased to as far as the eye could see, to the tops of the mountains down to the stream, and you could see the great army of the union"
Captain Edward Hastings Ripley
"That night I watched the grimy columns as they drove up upon the scene from an inferno, they were devilish, their shuffle of their badly shot sounded like the hiss of a great serpent"
Hagerstown Pike
Place where the Union army attacked Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of Antietams first part
Dunker Chapel
Church that was located near the 1st part of the Battle of Antietam
Joseph Hooker
"Fighting Joe"
Joseph Hooker
Commander of the Union troops at the first part of the Battle of Antietam
John Bell Hood
Commander of the Confederate's last reserves at the 1st part of the Battle of Antietam
Joe Hooker
"The dead laid in the field in the same rank and order as they had been when living"
Elijah Hunt Rhodes
"I had never seen such a sight, in one sight I saw a batter of men all dead sitting around a tree"
Stonewall Jackson
"God has been every kind to us this day" regarding the south at the 1st part of the Battle of Antietam
The Sunken Road
The Center of Lee's line at the Midday battle of the Battle of Antietam
The sunken Road
"The Bloody Lane"
John B. Gordon
Defended the sunken Road of the Confederacy at the midday battle of the Battle of Antietam
John B Gordon
Was once hit four times and then hit a 5th time in the face and survived
John B Gordon
"The brave union commander placed himself in front, and what a scene of such beauty"
Clara Barton
"I had to ring the blood from the body of my clothing, for the weight around my feet"
Burnside's Bridge
The name of the bridge that the confederacy tried to lead the Union over at the Battle of Antietam
AP Hill
Led the Confederate reinforcements from Harper's Ferry at the 3rd battle of the Battle of Antietam
AP Hill
Famously wore a red shirt in every battle to show
"Why didn't we drive them into the river? I do not know, I am only a boy"
Emancipation Proclamation
Direct result of Antietam
"Oh how I ran, I kept looking back to see if I would see such a disgraceful wound"
Key transportation link between Richmond and Washington DC
Marie's Heights
The higher ground the south had at the Battle of Fredericksburg
Rappahannock River
US General Burnside planned to cross at Fredericksburg
Chatham's Courthouse
Union headquarters during Battle of Fredericksburg
Chatham's Courthouse
Place where Robert Lee courted his wife, Mary Custis
Battle of Fredricksburg
"The Bunker Hill of the Civil War"
Stonewall Jackson
"Kill every God damn one of em"
Buried the dead for the North at Fredericksburg
Joseph Hooker
"Fighting Joe"
Abraham Lincoln
"I have put you in charge of the army of the potomac, only those generals that gain success can start as dictators, I will hope for your success and deal with the dictatorship later"
Joseph Hooker
"My plans are perfect, may god have mercy on General Lee, for I will have none"
Joseph Hooker
Commander of the Union at the Battle of Chancellorsville
"The hen never cackles until the egg is laid"
Joe Hooker
"To tell the truth, I lost faith in Joe Hooker"
Oliver Howard
"The Christian Soldier"
Chancellor House
Place Hooker ordered his troops to retreat at Battle of Chancellorsville
dividing his army twice at Chancellorsville
Lee's greatest accomplishment
Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle in which Jackson was shot in the back of the head by friendly fire at night
Dr. McGuire
Stonewall Jackson's surgeon
"Jackson may have lost his left arm, but I lost my right arm when he was shot"
Stonewall Jackson
"Good, I always wanted to die on a Sunday"
Stonewall Jackson
"Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the tree"
Battle of Chancellorsville
"Lee's perfect battle"
Battle of Chancellorsville
"Lee's Masterpiece"
"My God, My God, what will the country say?"
"No general yet found can face the arithmetic"
Vicksburg, MS
"The Gibraltar of the West"
John Pemberton
Controlled Fort Vicksburg for the South
Battle of Vicksburg
Grant conquered this battle with a 21 day surrounding of the fortress
The Vicksburg Campaign
Grant's greatest triumph
"The Key to the South" according to Jefferson Davison
William Christian
"Here, we will show the Yankees that we can fight"
James Longstreet
Leader of the 1st core of confederate troops at Gettysburg
James Longstreet
"Old Pete"
Richard "Baldy" Ewell
Leader of the 2nd core of confederate troops at Gettysburg
AP Hill
Leader of the 3rd core of confederate troops at Gettysburg
George Meade
"Old Snapping Turtle"
George Meade
Controlling commander of the union army at Gettysburg
"The greatest battle fought on the western hemisphere"
J.E.B Stuart
Leader of the cavalry that was supposed to arrive for the south at Gettysburg before the battle
John Buford
Leader of the Union cavalry on the 1st Day at Gettysburg
Winfield Hancock
Rallied his troops around Culp's HIll, Cemetery Hill and Cemetery Ridge on the 1st Day of Gettysburg
"I am going to whip them here or they will whip me" regarding Gettysburg
Alfred Woe
An artist who was present at Gettysburg and sent drawings back to NYC
Sam Wilkinson
NY Times reporter at Gettysburg
An English reporter who was traveling with Lee at Gettysburg
Sarah Broadhead
"I cannot sleep, I think little has been gained so far, our army had not gained anything in the forrest"
Thomas Bachelor
"It gives me great relief of mine that you are still in the land of the living, may god bless you my dear"
John Sedgwick
Arrived with Union reinforcements on the morning of the 2nd Day of Battle at Gettysburg
Plum Run Valley
"The Valley of Death" at Gettysburg
Commander Sickles
Union leader who pushed back the confederates at Plum RUn Valley on the 2nd day of Battle at the Battle of Gettysburg
G.K. Warren
Defended Little Round Top from Oates and his confederates on the 2nd day of Battle at the Battle of Gettysburg
Commanded the 20th regiment of Maine that helped reinforce Warren at Little Round Top
"I could convert Little round top into a gibraltar"
"Lion of the Round Top"
"Numbering 900 men in the form of a right angle, and to hold a force 10 X them, stand firm you boys of Maine"
"Our ammunition is almost all gone, the critical moment has arrived, we must advance or retreat, it must not be the latter, but how can it be the former?
G.K. Warren
"This is the last of the earth" regarding Gettysburg
1st Minnesota Regiment
Suffered 83% casualty rate - highest in the entire war
Company B
this presumed dead group reemerged causing Oates' men to scatter at Little Round Top
Charles Bachelor
"Dear Father, I had no one to help him from the field, I then called the other captain to assit me with Albert, I assisted him in the stretcher"
Private Carter
"The screaming and bursting of shells the death screams of human animals, trampling under horses, a perfect hell on earth never perhaps to be equal, and never to be forgotten in a man's life time"
"Lee's blood was up and he will fight"
George Armstrong Custer
Stopped the emerging southern general JEB Stuart to begin the 3rd Day of Battle at Gettysburg
Pickett's Charge
George Pickett of the south that lead on this head on charge during the 3rd day of battle at Gettysburg
George Pickett
"Up men to your posts, remember that you are from Old Virginia"
John Gibbon
In charge of Union forces at "The Angle" at Gettysburg 3rd Day
John Gibbon
"let them get as close as you can allow, then fire slow"
General Hancock
"There are times when a core commander's life does not count"
Lewis Armistead
Lead Confederate troops into "The Angle" at Gettysburg 3rd Day
Lewis Armistead
Was roomates with Hancock at West Point
Lewis Armistead
Put a hat on his sword and tried to rally the south after they were getting slaughtered at the 3rd battle of the battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Gettysburg
Total carnage of all the confederates, who were either captured or killed
"This was all my fault" regarding Gettysburg for the South
George Pickett
"That old man (Lee) had my division slaughtered and I will never forget that from Gettysburg"
General Meade
Lincoln ordered this man to chase after retreating confederates after Gettysburg, but he never did so
Edward Everett
Main speaker at the Gettysburg Memorial ceremony
Abraham Lincoln
Secondary speaker at the Gettysburg Memorial ceremony
Joshua Speed
"Lincoln's mind was like polished steel"
General Rosecrans
The man Grant replaced as the leader of the Army of the Cumberland
Chattanooga, TN
Place grant moved to after Gettysburg
Braxton Bragg
Leader of the south army at the Battle of Chattanooga
Battle of Chattanooga
Lincoln gave Grant complete control of the army after this
Virginia Wilderness
Place where Grant established his head quarters
Rapidan River
Where Lee and Grant first met at Battle
Battle of the Wilderness
The first time Grant faced Robert E. Lee
Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse
"The Bloody Angle"
The Mule Shoe
The only weakness in Lee's line at the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse
"I will fight it out all summer on this line if I have to"
Battle of Cold Harbor
The battle that saw 7,000 Union men die in 20 minutes, and was where Grant received the name "The Butcher"
Sherman's March
The huge giant warfare that was led by Sherman from Atlanta to Savannah
Believed that civilians played a large role in war and by destroying their livelihood, the South would give in
"Make Georgia Howl"
"My aim was to whip the rebels, the crueler it was the sooner it was over"
"If you can whip Lee, I think Uncle Abe will give us two weeks leave"
"War is all hell"
Sherman's March
"The breath of emancipation"
"Dear Mr. President, I present to you the city of Savannah"
Sherman's neckties
The twisted railroads Sherman and co. left behind as they destroyed everything
Milledgeville, GA
Place where Sherman and his army was approached by escaped union soldiers
Andersonville Prison
Prison that the escaped union soldiers who approached Sherman during his march through Milledgeville, GA were from
John Bell Hood
Had to be strapped to his horse every time in battle because he was severly wounded
John Bell Hood
"We will fight you to the death and we will never forget"
George Thomas
"The Rock of Chickamauga"
George Thomas
Defeated Hood and Forrest at the bloody Battle of Franklin
Joe Johnston
Replaced John Bell Hood as one of the main field leaders of the Confederate army
Lee's last connection to the south
Appomattox Courthouse
place where Lee surrendered his entire army at
Senator Cobb
"You cannot make soldiers slaves, or slaves soldiers"
The Confederacy
this "Died of a theory" according to Jefferson Davis
Sherman's March
"The Lost Army"
Joseph Johnston
"Never been an army like this since Ceaser" regarding Sherman's Army
Major Robert Anderson
Raised the flag of the United States at the ceremony of the Civil War ending
Edmund Ruffin
Wrapped himself in a Confederate flag and killed himself
Sherman's March
"The March to the Sea
"Our American Cousin"
The play Lincoln was watching at the Ford's Theater when he was assassinated
Laura Keane
Lead actress in the play Lincoln was watching when he was assassinated
John Wilkes Booth
"Thus be it ever to tyrants"
John Wilkes Booth
"The South is avenged"
William Petersen
Man who owned the boarding house that Lincoln was rushed to across Tent Street after he was shot by Booth in DC
Gideon Wells
"He had been stripped of his clothes, his features were calm and striking" regarding the dying Lincoln
"All they do is eat peanuts and chew tobacco" regarding Confederate Congress
Edmund Ruffin
"I would rather die than be a part of a restored union with the Yankee Race"
Frederick Douglass
"The work does not end with the abolition of slavery, but only the beggining"
Edward Stanton
"Now he belongs to the ages"
George Templeton Strong
Was Lincoln's greatest critic, but was sympathetic when he perished
Livery Stable
Stable where Booth kept his horse while he went to assasinate Lincoln
George Azerwalt
an accomplice with Booth who was supposed to kill the VP Andrew Johnson
Lewis Paine
Stabbed Secretary of State Steward - "Im Mad, Im Mad"
David Harold
Mentally impaired accomplice of Booth
Mary Serat
Owner of the hotel that John Wilkes Booth and his accomplices conspired at
Walt Whitman
"Not a mouthful was eaten by either of us, we passed newspapers silently"
Oakridge cemetery
Burial site of Lincoln
Teddy Roosevelt
Watched the procession of Lincoln's body in NY on his grandpa's balcony
Jefferson Davis
"Villian of the War"
Frederick Douglass
"You white people are the children of Abraham Lincoln, We blacks are merely step children"
John Jay Williams
Last man killed in Civil War
Battle at Palmedo Ranch
Last battle of the war
Lloyd Tilghman
Southern General at the Battle of Fort Henry
Battle of the Merrimack and the Monitor
1st battle testing of the new ironclads, end of wooden warships
Battle of Hampton Roads
Northern name for the Battle of the Merrimack and the Monitor
General Winfield Hancock
"Hero of Gettysburg"
Battle of Corinth
Union captures town, rebels escape
Battle of Pittsburgh Landing
Northern name for Shiloh
The bitterest and bloodiest day of the war. Gave the North a great diplomatic advantage
Convinced Britain and France not to actively take the side of the confederacy
Joseph Johnston
Southern general during Sherman's March
Stonewall Jackson
"Once you get running, a small force can defeat a larger one at any time"