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Dosage and Calculations Chapter 33 Clinical Medical Assistant Heller

Define Apothecaries.

Basic math, replaced the metric system in the early 1900's

What is the primary method for measuring weight, volume, length, and medication in the world?

The metric system.

What is a decimal-based system, based on multiples of 10?

The metric system.

Do you use capital letters in the metric system?

only with "L"

Do you leave a space between a number and unit?

Yes. 3 mm, not 3mm

Per international convention, should there be commas in long numbers?

10 000 (not 10,000)

Do you mix unit abbreviations and spelled out units? How do you write it?

No, 75 mg/dL NOT/75 milligrams/dL

Do you include a zero before a decimal point for numbers less than 1?

Yes, 0.00875 (not .00875)

Do metric abbreviations have singular or plural versions?

No, 100mg (no "s" at the end)

The _________number always precedes the unit of measurement.

Arabic, 1 gram, 5 Liters

Gram is abbreviated g or gm, which is preferred


If the measurement is named after a person, is the abbreviation capitalized

yes, Celsius (C)

When rounding equations with liquids, you round to the nearest ____th when giving more than 1 mL.


Round to the nearest ____th when giving less than 1 mL.


When rounding liquids, round ______ 1-4.


When rounding liquids, round ______ 5-9.


When tablets are not scored, round to the nearest______ number of what is available.


If tablets are scored, round to the nearest _______ or _____ tablet.

whole or half

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