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• Level I: no response. Patient does not respond to external stimuli and appears asleep.
• Level II: Generalized response. Patient reacts to external stimuli in nonspecific, inconsistent, and non-purposeful manner with stereotypic and limited response
• Level III: Localized response. Patient responds specifically and inconsistently with delays to stimuli, but may follow simple commands for motor actions.
• Level IV: Confused/agitated. Patient exhibits bizarre, non-purposeful incoherent or inappropriate behaviors, has no short-term recall, attention is short and nonselective.
• Level V: Confused/inappropriate. Patient gives random, fragmented, and nonpurposeful responses to complex or unstructured stimuli—simple commands are followed consistently, memory and selective attention are impaired, and new information is not retained.
• Level VI: Confused/appropriate. Patient gives context appropriate, goal-directed response, dependent upon external input for direction. There is carry-over for relearned but not for new tasks, and recent memory problems persist.
• Level VII: Appropriate/automatic. Patient behaves appropriately in familiar settings, performs daily routines automatically, and shows carry-over for new learning at lower than normal rates. Patient initiates social interactions, but judgement remains impaired.
• Level VIII: Appropriate/purposeful. Patient oriented and responds to the environment but abstract reasoning abilities are decreased relative to premorbid levels.