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  1. weathering
  2. plate tectonics
  3. life
  4. continental drift
  5. rotation
  1. a The process of moving or floating continents is called ________________.
  2. b ____________ is the process by which rock is broken down into sediment by chemical and mechanical reactions, wind and water.
  3. c ____________ is the spinning motion of a planet.
  4. d Earth appears to be the only planet in our solar system that can support ________.
  5. e The Earth's crust is made of plates of rock that "float" on the molten layers. ________________ is the theory that the crustal plates move very slowly on the mantle.

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  1. __________ is an example of sedimentary rock.
  2. When the North Pole is tilted toward the sun, the Southern Hemisphere experiences _________.
  3. __________ is an example of igneous rock.
  4. __________ is molten or liquid rock. The rock cycle begins with magma beneath the surface of the earth.
  5. The Earth rotates once every _______ hours, the length of a day and night.

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  1. 365The Earth rotates once every _______ hours, the length of a day and night.


  2. summer__________ is an example of metamorphic rock.


  3. unconformityThe __________ is the outer layer of the Earth. It is made of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.


  4. lavaVolcanoes are mountains formed by the accumulation of material forced from the Earth's interior onto its surface. Flowing magma on the surface of a planet is called ______.


  5. axisThe Earth rotates on its _______.


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