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  1. summer
  2. life
  3. metamorphic
  4. hotter
  5. outer core
  1. a The ___________________ is the layer beneath the mantle. It is made of melted metal.
  2. b If sedimentary or igneous rock is placed under pressure and heat, it changes into _______________ rock.
  3. c Earth appears to be the only planet in our solar system that can support ________.
  4. d As you go toward the center of the Earth, the ________ the temperature becomes.
  5. e When the South Pole is tilted to the sun, the Southern Hemisphere experiences.

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  1. When the North Pole is tilted toward the sun, the Southern Hemisphere experiences _________.
  2. The Earth's crust is made of plates of rock that "float" on the molten layers. ________________ is the theory that the crustal plates move very slowly on the mantle.
  3. ____________ is the process by which rock is broken down into sediment by chemical and mechanical reactions, wind and water.
  4. __________ is an example of igneous rock.
  5. The Earth has _______ layers.

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  1. axisVolcanoes are mountains formed by the accumulation of material forced from the Earth's interior onto its surface. Flowing magma on the surface of a planet is called ______.


  2. tiltedThe Earth's axis is ________.


  3. sandstone__________ is an example of sedimentary rock.


  4. 24One revolution of the Earth around the sun determines the length of a year, approximately ______ days.


  5. igneousWhen magma cools it turns into __________ rock.