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  1. shifting
  2. outer core
  3. 24
  4. tilted
  5. periods
  1. a The Earth's axis is ________.
  2. b The Earth rotates once every _______ hours, the length of a day and night.
  3. c The Earth's history is divided into eras. Each era is divided into __________.
  4. d The ___________________ is the layer beneath the mantle. It is made of melted metal.
  5. e Earthquakes are caused by the __________ of the crustal plates.

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  1. The Earth is believed to be about _________ billion years old.
  2. As you go toward the center of the Earth, the ________ the temperature becomes.
  3. The Earth rotates on its _______.
  4. When the South Pole is tilted to the sun, the Southern Hemisphere experiences.
  5. The Earth's periods are separated from one another by what is called ____________ which is either a physical or biological event such as mountain building or the extinction of a species.

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  1. 365The Earth is believed to be about _________ billion years old.


  2. lavaVolcanoes are mountains formed by the accumulation of material forced from the Earth's interior onto its surface. Flowing magma on the surface of a planet is called ______.


  3. movingEarthquakes and volcanoes are evidence that the Earth is constantly ___________ from within.


  4. mantle__________ is an example of metamorphic rock.


  5. revolution______________ is the orbit a planet makes around the sun.