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System of Equations
two or more equations considered at the same time, sometimes called "simultaneous equations"
Slope-Intercept Form
y=mx+b where m, the coefficient of x, is the slope and the constant, b, is the y-intercept
Standard Form
Ax + By = C
Solve by Graphing
Point of Intersection is the solution to the system.
Solve by Substitution
If one equation has an "isolated" variable, substitute for it in the other equation and solve.
Solve by Elmination
Sometimes called linear combination, often used when all equations are in Standard Form
5x + 7y = 11
2x - 14y = 10
Inconsistent System
No solution, parallel lines
Consistent System
Has at least one solution
Coinciding Lines
Infinite Solutions, the Same line
System of Inequalities
Solution region is the overlapping region that satisfies both inequalities.

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