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Second Semester US History

Mexican farmers who came to the US to work.
Japanese people who were born in America.
camps in remote areas far from the coast
Banzai Charge
when a soldier would attack as much of the enemy as they could before they got killed themselves.
Fatman / Little Boy
the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan
Where did the Bataan Death Marches take place in?
what was the research for the Atomic Bomb called ?
Manhattan Project
considered to be the most costly of all Pacific engagements
Okinawa was closer to Japan than ...
Iwo Jima
Tuskegee Experiment
the flight training of African American during WWII
at the battle of Guadalcanal we suffered from
enemy sniper fire
many zoot-suiters were jailed as a result of
the zoot suit riots
the invasioin of ________ was estimated to take 1 million men and would have half a million casualties
when was V-J Day ?
August 15, 1945
when was V-E Day?
May 8, 1945
two planes that dropped the atomic bombs
Enola Gay & Box Car
War Relocation Authority
the american government set up a committee to take care of the Japanese living in the US.
War Relocation Authority sent many "aliens" to
internment camps
two cities the atomic bombs were dropped on
Hiroshima & Nagasaki
island hopping
the strategy of selectively attacking specific enemy-held islands and bypassing others
The Japanese didn't believe in
surrendering to the enemy
Cold War
a political and military rivalry between two nations that stop before full -scale war.
Berlin Airlifts lasted for
10 months
which country didn't join it's forces with the other allies in West Germany?
why was the Berlin Blockade implemented?
to get rid of an western sector in Eastern Germany
Joseph McCarthy got condemned for ...
conduct unbecoming of a senator
how did the allies get around the Berlin Blockade ?
United States productivity was up after..
during 1950s people thought that everyone was
spies and sympathizers every where
the Marshall Plan was more expensive than
The Truman Doctrine
North Atlantic Treaty Organization & Warsaw Pact
the two major groups / alliances during the cold war
another name for the Marshall Plan
European Recovery Plan
the name of the division between North and South Korea
38th Parallel
another name for the Korean War
the Forgotten War
Arthur Miller drew parallels between McCarthyism and ______ which he wrote in his book
Salem Witch Trials
how many people were on McCarthy's lists of potential communists?
it was ever changing
Dwight D. Eisenhower
took over office after President Truman
Marshall Plan
to rehabilitate the economics of 17 western and southern European countries
Truman Doctrine
give aid to any country that didnt want to be communist (Greece & Turkey)
Tunnel Rat(s)
soldiers who went down into tunnels to destroy
small groups that did surprise attacks on bigger groups
Punji Trap
a hole in the ground with spikes in them. spikes had poison on the tips. usually hidden so you could not see them.
The Limited Test Ban Treaty
banned nuclear testing above ground
My Lai Massacre
vietnam soldiers who were overstressed acted out in this event
The Golf of Tonkin Resolution
a piece of legislation that gave Johnson the power to conduct military attacks in Vietnam
Blockaded Cuba
US retaliation to the missiles on Cuba
The Golf of Tonkin
didnt really happen
many Buddhists were upset with Diems rule in
South Vietnam
The US was better supplied than
The Viet Cong
Kennedy was shot from a
book depository
Napalm was used extensively in
The Bay of Pigs
where the Cuban exiles land for their invasion of Cuba ( not successful)
Yuri Gagarin
first man in outer space
Lee Harvey Oswald
credited for the assassination of JFK
Jack Ruby
killed Lee Harvey Oswald
17th Parallel
the name of the division between North & south Vietnam
Ho Chi Mihn Trial
a supply route that passed through Laos and Cambodia
a jellylike substance was dropped from airplanes and would burn uncontrollably
Agent Orange
it would kill leaves and thick undergrowth
first two satellites put into outer space
Sputnik I & Explorer I
the Vietnamese New Year
why Nixon looked so bad during TV debates
1. looked pale. refused make-up 2. had a bad 5 o'cock shadow & used cheap cover up, made it worse. 3. had a staph infection
what did the US do to catch up to the Soviet Union when it came to the space race?
1. started pumping $ into Math and Science 2.emphasized the study of math, science & foreign lang. 3. national defense education act