Anatomy ch. 8

25 terms by bjdixon

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T/F-smooth muscle is under voluntary control


T/F- muscle tissue plays a major role in maintenance of homeostasis


T/F- during muscle contraction, the myosin heads pull on the actin filaments


T/F- skeletal muscle tissue is striated and voluntary


T/F- any stimulus from a neuron can initiate a muscle contraction


T/F- the detachment of myosin heads from actin requires ATP


T/F- the myofibrils of skeletal muscle fibers are composed of three types of myofilaments


T/F- one by-product of skeletal muscle contraction is heat


T/F- the ends of axon terminals enlarge into swellings called motor end plates


T/F- muscle tone requires the contraction of an entire muscle


T/F- the power stroke is the force causing the actin filaments to slide between the myosin filaments


T/F- skeletal muscles contain a mixture of all three muscle fibers (SO, FOG, FG)

A band

the portion of the sarcomere mostly composed of thick filaments is the

deep fascia

structure made of dense irregular connective tissue that holds muscles together and separates them into functional groups-


what protein is not a myofilament?

cardiac muscle

what is striated and involuntary?


the pigment in the muscle fibers that stores oxygen


a sustained contraction of a muscle

fiber thickness

what is NOT a characteristic used to name skeletal muscles?

cardiac muscle

intercalated discs are found in


inflammation of muscle fibers is called


a muscle that has THREE origins is called a


ability for a muscle to shorten


most of the lactic acid produced by anaerobic respiration in muscle fibers is reconverted into glucose in the-


bundles of muscle fibers are covered by

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