Chapter 7

the amount of force exerted on an area
units pressure is measured in
Atmospheric pressure
pressure that results from the weight of the air that surrounds earth
Buoyant force
the force that is exerted upwards on objects in a liquid
the upward force that forms as a result of moving fluids
forward force on an object in flight
irregular flow of air
a force that opposes motion in fluids
Water pressure
1,000 times more dense than air
Atmospheric pressure
the greatest at sea level
Water pressure
greatest at the bottom of the ocean
Fluid pressure always flows
from high pressure to low pressure
Fluid pressure is applied
equally in all directions
An object that has a greater buoyant force than its weight
will float
If an object has a buoyant force equal to its weight
An object submerged in water will displace a volume that is
equal to its volume
Bubbles are round
because fluids exert pressure in all directions
Atmospheric pressure doesn't crush you
because the fluids inside your body are putting out an equal amount of pressure