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refusing to compromise or to abandon an extreme position of attitude. adj./noun


a staff of baton used as an embelm of authority. noun


outward signs especially of ornamental equipment. noun


a lover of admirer of the arts. a person who has a superficial interest in an art of branch of knowldge. noun/adj


boiling of bubbling. the quality of lively or entusiasic thoughts or feeling adjectve


to attract artfully by bringing about hopes or desires. verb


giving no sign of feeling or responsiveness. adjective


not reproducing unable to reproducing adjective


a long pillow or cusion(noun)
to support of reinforce(verb)


to gain by pleasing acts. to gain by pleasing acts, to reconcile, by being friendly agreeable. adj


a jesters cap. a conceited foolish person. noun


militar expidition by christians in 11-13th century.noun. to compain with great enthusiasm. verb


leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

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