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the type of kind of literature that follows a specific form or function


the opening phase of a story in which the writer presents the background information that the reader needs in order to understand the plot that will subsequently unfold


the "feel" of a literary work, which is made up of specific techniques and devices in order to enhance his themes and delight his audience


the repetition of the initial sound of words in a line or lines


the use of images that present something in a concrete, usually non-literal, informing word picture


the phase of the plot that follows the climax and resolves any leftover concerns


a reference within a literary work to something outside of the work, most often a historical or literary figure

Experiment in living

the choice that a character makes to act and live according to particular beliefs


a work in which the author embodies realities in a fictional story in such a way that there is a clear one-to-one correspondence between those external realities and the internal elements of the story


the repetition of vowel sounds within words in a line or lines

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