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Which two issues should be considered when designing a website for a restaurant? (Choose two)
The logo and color scheme of the brand.

Age and education of the target demographic.
Which statement is true about using material from a site such as Wipedia when using a Creativ Commons license?
Provide a full citation using standard style guides
He design specifications indicate that the site users will often be using mobile devices to search for the business while traveling. Which two design considerations does this specification suggest? (choose two)
Place directions and contact information on the home page

Keep design elements simple to improve the experience on small screens
What are two advantages of using external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)? (Choose two.)
It facilitates design consistency across the whole site

It allows for easier changes in global design and formatting
Which two should be discussed with clients prior to constructing a website? (Choose two.)

Which two Dreamweaver element will not update properly unless the site is correctly defined?(Choose two.)
Library items
Title bar - Allows panels to be moved, stacked, minimized, and closed

Menu bar - Contains file, edit, insert.etc

Files panel - Contains all files within a defined site

Document bar - Used to add a page title in the current document

Assets panel - Contains all colors, images, videos, URLs, and SWFs
Which two types of files can be imported using File > Import > Tabular Data? (Choose two.)
Delimited text file

Microsoft Word HTML document
1Which three media objects can be inserted directly into a Dreamweaver document using the Insert panel > Common category > Media button? (Choose three)


ActiveX control
Which three options can be set when creating a rollover image in Dream weaver? (Choose three)
Image name

Rollover image

Preload rollover image
Select the image map, on the Property Inspector click Target >_new

Pointer Hotspot Tool, select image map, drag the hotspot to a new location

Pointer Hotspot Tool, select image map, drag a hotspot selector handle to resize the hotspot
Which three action increase the usability of a website? (Choose three)
Decrease download time

Develop good navigation

Create obvious links to popular features
What is the preferred way to lay out web page elements that has replaced table-based layouts in HTML?
Inserts DIV tag - Select DIV from the layout category of the insert panel

Modifies DIV tag Size - Select the div and drag the resize handles in Design view

Modify the CSS code - Open Stylesheet and view in code view

Place an element a specific place on the page - use Absolute Positioning to enter the top and left values
Absolute - http://www.sitename.com

Document relative link - ../..my page.html

Site root relative link - /this/example/path/page.html
Which action validates the code used in a site's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?
Go to http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/
Which four types of information can be gathered from site analytics? (Choose four)
The number of visitors each day

Where the people that visit the site live

Which pages on the site are most visited

The ways that people find the site (search engine, link from another page,etc)
Which three are examples of design principles? (Choose three)


Which of the following accurately describes an absolutely position (AP) element? (Choose two)
You can convert an AP element to a table

You can change the stacking order of AP element
Which of the following help the designer maintain the planned website hierarchy? (Choose two)

Best practices for using animation in a web page include which of the following? (Choose two)
Include a selectable mode to deactivate animations

Animations shouldn't last longer than 5 seconds
Which of the following accurately describes the Code Navigator?
It navigates to internal and external CSS rules
Which of the following are considered best practices for HTML5 video in a website? (Choose three)
Make the video searchable

Make the video tag-able

Use multiple video formats
Which web development practice effectively separates content from design?
External CSS style sheet
Which of the following are CSS code formatting preference option? (Choose three)
Each Property On a Separate Line

Blank Line Between Rules

Only If More Than One Property
When importing a string of data into a table, what tells Dreamweaver where you break the data into cell?
Which section contains information such as the document title and search engine keywords?
HTML - A core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web

CSS3 - A Style Sheet Language used for describing the look and formatting of a document

JavaScript - Dynamic programming language that runs client - side to interact with the user, control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the document content that is displayed.
Which of the following describes a container that has a specified, fixed position in the page layout?
AP div
What is the most important criteria for determining the relevance of a site's content?
The demographics of the site's audience
What is a widely accepted standard for accessibility?
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
The site owner wants to use as many fonts as possible on a website. How should the website designer respond?
How should the website designer respond?
Too many fonts on a site can be distracting to the reader
Which font type is best for readability in web use?
Sans serif
What is the preferred method for maintaining style consistency across an entire site?
External cascading style sheets
Which three page elements may not appear the same in different brewers? (Choose three)
Table borders

CSS div layers

Horizontal rules
Which view displays actual code that a browser uses to execute the page and is not editable?
Live Code View
Which of the following are effective ways of gathering website feedback? (Choose three)
E-mail a link requesting feedback

Website usability testing

When you add or remove assets from your site, how do you update the Asset panel?
Click the Refresh Site List button
Which of the following describes an image that has been divided into clickable regions called hotspots?
Image map
What is the main functionality of the Subversion option when setting up Version Control for a new site?
Maintain current and historical versions of files
Local site - Where pages are saved on the computer

Remote folder - The folder where the contents of the site are uploaded

Web server - Where the contents of the site are uploaded

Root folder - Contains the web page files for the site as well as all assets
Which CSS Starter Layout option I created with Div containers that are set to a percentage?
Text Only - insert unformatted text

Text With Structure - inserts text that retains structure, but not basic formatting

Text With Structure Plus Basic Formatting - Insert both structured and simple HTML - formatted text

Text With Structure Plus Full Formatting - inserts text that retains all structure, HTML formatting, and CSS styles
What allows the preview of SWF or FLV files directly in a Dreamweaver document?
Live view
Which four best monitor the effectiveness of a website once it's published? (Choose four)
Consult site statistics

Enable commenting on the site

Provide an email link for feedback

Provide a web form for site feedback and error reporting
Where can you publish your site files so that people can view them online?
Remote folder
Which markup language is best suited for creating cross - platform mobile applications?
What are two ways to place Fireworks objects into a Dreamweaver document? (Choose two)
Insert>Image Objects>Fireworks HTML

In Fireworks, select Edit>Copy HTML Code.
In Dreamweaver, select Edit> Paste Fireworks HTML
Which two steps are effective when creating an image map for an irregularly shaped portion of an image? (Choose two)
Use the Polygon Hotspot Tool to create a hotspot

Draw the hot spot slightly larger than the shape
Which of the following are true regarding image placeholder? (Choose two)
They allow the developer to quickly adjust they layout of page items without inserting actual images

They can display their pixel dimension and label
Which three tags are common in the head section of a document? (Choose three)


What are four standard <DIV> tag attributes in CSS? (Choose four)



<ul> - Unordered list

<ol> - Ordered list

<h1> - Heading 1 formatting

<em> - italicizes text

<div> - defines a CSS area

<a href="page.html"> - Creates a link
SWF - An Adobe Flash file format used form multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript

MOV - A multimedia container file that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data: audio, video, effects, or text (e.g. for subtitles)

FLA - An editable project file saved by the Flash development program.