23 terms

5th Period Exam CPR

steps of cpr
compressions, airway, breathing
How many compressions per set in adult cpr?
How many compressions per set in infant 2-person cpr?
Rate of compressions
depth of compressions in adults
2 in
depth of compressions in children
2 in or a third of the chest wall
depth of compressions in infants
1/3 chest wall
method for opening airway
head tilt, chin lift
How many compressions per set in one-person infant cpr?
When do you do rescue breathing?
when the victim has a pulse, but is not breathing
What is the rate of breath in rescue breathing?
6-8 times a minute
Which ventilation device is not recommended for a single rescuer to provide breaths during CPR?
the bag mask
What is the correct compression and ventilation rate for 2 rescuer CPR in the presence of an advanced airway?
compression rate of at least 100/min without pauses for breaths
What should the rescuer do after the AED delivers a shock?
immediately resume CPR, starting with chest compressions
Where are the hands placed when performing chest compressions on an adult?
heal on one hand on the center of the victims chest on the lower half of the breast bone
What technique is used for compressions in two-person rescuer cpr?
2 thumb encircling hands techinique
What should the rescuer do when administering breaths by using a bag mask device for a child who is not breathing but does have a pulse?
give breaths at the rate of one every 3-4 seconds
What is the proper technique for delivering mouth to mouth ventilation?
have open airway, seal mouth over victims mouth, pinch victims nose closed, give two breaths while watching for chest to rise
In 2 rescuer CPR what should the second rescuer be doing while the first rescuer begins chest compressions?
maintain an open airway using head tilt chin lift and give gastric inflation
What is recommended to minmize the risk of gastric inflation during bag mask ventilation?
give breath just until you see the chest rise
Why is it important to compress to the appropriate depth during CPR?
adeguate depth compression is needed to create blood flow during compression
What is the first step the rescuer should perform to operate the AED?
turn it on
What should you do once you arrive at the scene?
make sure the scene is safe