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Requirements for SATCOM service worldwide significantly exceed the capacity of current MILSATCOM systems.
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Narrowband Satellite Communications supports ______________ data rates for both mobile and fixed users by providing access on a single dedicated channel or on a demand assigned multiple access channels.SECURE VOICE AND DATA TRANSMISSION AT RELATIVELY LOWAll radio receivers, including satellite systems, are susceptible to jamming and interference.TRUESatellite communications provide ______________ coverage enabling military leaders to maintain ______________ and convey their intent to the operational commander.NEAR-GLOCAL / STRATEGIC SITUATIONAL AWARENESSSATCOM in the Ku- and Ka- bands, as well as EHF systems, are particularly affected by rain (the higher the frequency, the greater the effect). Rain not only degrades the signal but, if heavy enough, can cause a complete outageTRUESignificant advantages of satellite communication systems over terrestrial communication systems areGLOBAL COVERAGE, SECURITY, FLEXIBILITYMilitary units must be able to communicate over long distances withALL THE ANSWERS ARE CORRECT