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  1. Impute
  2. Colloquy
  3. Repine
  4. Scourge
  5. Taper
  1. a to brood, grieve
  2. b to attribute or ascribe
  3. c a whip or lash/ person or thing that destroys or harasses
  4. d candle, esp a very slender one
  5. e a conference, conversational exchange

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  1. to offer
  2. person or thing that ruins/spoils
  3. similarity
  4. to agree, to comply, concur
  5. fanciful meanings

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  1. Rejointo brood, grieve


  2. Weala long mantle, worn by clergy


  3. Nuptialto brood, grieve


  4. Inextricableincapable of being disentangled


  5. Copecandle, esp a very slender one