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  1. Numerous basophils, splenomegaly, and negative for LAP
  2. Leukemia with more mature cells and less than 5% blasts
  3. Most common neonatal leukemia
  4. Characteristic Auer Rods
  5. Most common leukemia in adults in the US
  1. a M7 AML
  2. b AML
  3. c CLL
  4. d CML
  5. e Chronic

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  1. AML
  2. AML
  3. ALL
  4. CML
  5. ALL

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  1. Always positive for the philadelphia chromosomeM7 AML


  2. AML associated with Down SyndromeM3 AML


  3. Acute leukemia positive for peroxidaseM7 AML


  4. Myeloproliferative disorders may progress toAML


  5. Only AML that is CD13 and CD33 -M7 AML