NCCT Medical Assistant Practice Test

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To ensure that the medical office has the supplies it needs, the medical assistance should establish a _____?
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Which one of the following is a decision based upon bioethics.
a. Reporting physical, emotional, or mental abuse.
b. Treating a 16 year old girl who is pregnant without parental consent.
c. The use of fetal tissue transplantation for research.
d. Reporting to the authorities a suicidal patient.
when handling a patient complaint, which one of the following would be most appropriate? a. If the patient is angry, matches/her anger level, and she will calm down. b. take all complaints seriously and take thorough notes c. refused to talk to patients who are complaining; the doctor should handle them. d. no correct answerb. take all complaints seriously and take thorough notesbody language, body posture, space and distance are all examples of _____?nonverbal communicationwhat is the suggested procedure for canceling an appointment in the appointment book?Mark through the entry with a single red linethe amount an insured patient must pay towards claims each year for the insurance company will pay for medical treatment is known as the_____?deductibleinstructions to an insurance company about where and to whom to make payment are called_____?assignment of benefitsthe Internal Revenue Service issues a_____ to medical groups or solo practices for income tax purposesfederal tax identification numberan office appointment calendar or book must record not only the name of the patient and the start time of appointment, but also indicate the_____?duration of the appointmenta 12 month period selected for financial purposes is called a_____year.fiscaleach prescription for a controlled substance requires the physician signature and a_____registration numberDEAdetermining whether a particular medical treatment i.e. surgery, tests will be covered under a patient's insurance policy contract involves a process known as_____?pre-certificationin the reception area of a medical practice, the computer screen must never be_____?able to be viewed by patientsthe temperature taken in the armpit is the_____?axillary temperaturewhat is a break in the bone without penetration on the skin surface over the fracture site called?closed fracturethe abbreviation for (three times a day) is_____?TIDthe abbreviation for ( as needed ) is?PRNthe abbreviation for (nothing by mouth) is?NPOwhich of these would be the best choice to administer and intradermal injection? a. insulin syringe b. Tuberculin syringe c. Hypothermic syringes d. A close injection systemb. Tuberculin syringe...c...a...a...a...a...d...a...a...b...d...bnitroglycerin is used for the treatment of?angina pectoris or in English chest painhydrocortisone is a drug used to suppress_____?inflammationschedule 1 drugs includesubstances that have no accepted medical use and high potential for abusea small adhesive patch or disk used for administration of drugs is called a?transdermal system...b...b...b...b...d...c...b...c...c...a`c...b...b...d...a...a...d...a...c...c...awhen preparing a blood smear from skin puncture, you should_____, the first drop of bloodwipe awaywhen performing any CLIA waived test, it is important to do which of the following?perform quality control testing with every new kit and routinely thereafterand ECG tracing measures the amount of voltage and the _______ required for the voltage to travel through the hearttimewhen there is no variation of R - R intervals in an ECG reading it is called_______?absolutely regularwhen applying the lead apply the V1 lead_______?on the fourth intercostal space right sternal borderwhen the heart rhythm is abnormal is referred to as_______?an arrhythmiaoxygen can be administered to the patient by way of a_______?catheter, cannula, tenthow should a 24-hour urine specimen be stored during collection?in a refrigeratora positive urine dipstick for albumin in the patient has _______in his or her urineproteinwhich urine dipstick test detects acetone in the urine?ketoneswhich of the following stains classifies bacteria into gram-positive and gram-negative ?Gramwhich of the following areas should be swabbed when obtaining a specimen for a throat culture?back of the throat and tonsillar areaNCCT Medical Assistant Practice TestNCCT Medical Assistant Practice Test