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Science Final Part 6: Heredity and Meiosis

What happens when a true-breeding plant self-pollinates
All of its offspring have the same traits as the parent
A plant with two dominant OR two recessive alleles is said to be
Which one of the following statements is NOT true
genes are the only influence on traits
How are sex cells different from other human cells?
sex cells are haploid
Why do sex-linked disorders occur more often in males?
Males only have one X chromosone
Instructions for an inherited trait are called....
This diagram is used to trace a trait throughout generation of a family.....
a pedigree
What is a feature that has different forms in a population?
When there is a codominance....
each allele has its own degree of influence
The Law of Independent Assortment describes the random arrangement of homologous chromosone pairs during....
Metaphase 1
Two forms of a gene, one from each parent, are called.....
What is it calledwhen cells are divided with half the number of chromomes?
Which is the name for the way cells divide in asexual reproduction?
When a plant fertilizes itself, it is called a(n)
self pollinating plant
Traits passing from parents to offspring is called....
Chromatin condesnses into choromosomes, and nuclear membrane disappears...
Prophase I
The nuclear membrane re-forms, and the cell divides, the paired chromosomes remain joined...
Telophase I
The chormatids pull apart and move to opposite ends of the cell....
Anaphase II
Dominant alleles are reflected in....
the phenotype
When neither dominant or reesive alleles are reflected upon the phenotype (a red and white flower which produce a pink flower)
Incomplete dominance
When both alleles are shown somehow in the phenotype
When there are more than just 2 alleles that affect the offsprings trait (such as bloodtype)
Multiple alleles
How many chromosomes do gametes have?
they only have half the chromosomes (they are haploid, they need to be fertilized to become a diploid cell)
has 4 stages; is gentically uniform; has diploid cells; asexual reproduction; makes 2 cells
has 8 stages; is genetically diverse; has haploid cells; sexual reproduction; makes 4 cells
The genetic "make up" of something can be called...
What is the chemical formula for photosynthesis?
photons + 6CO2 + 6H2O-->C6H12O6 + 6O2
What is the chemical formula for cellular respiration?
6O2 + C6H12O6--> 6H2O + 6CO2 + 36ATP
Why genetic recombination beneficial in meiosis and dangerous in mitosis?
Meiosis promotes genetic diversity and in mitosis it would cause cancer
how do they sex cells get a full set of chromosomes?
The different forms of genes (dominant and recessive) are known as.....
Sex cells are made during ...
chromosomes are copied, and then the nucleus divides twice
cells having two sets of chromosomes