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the repetition of beginning consonant sounds
ex: creamy crunchy


the repetition of vowel sounds
ex:my dry eye

end rhyme

the rhyming of words at the ends of two or more lines of poetry
ex: she always had to burn a light beside her attic bed at night

rhyme scheme

pattern of end rhymes


a sound that makes you think of its meaning


a division in a poem named for the number of lines it contains
ex: a couplet is a stanza


comparison of two different things without using a word of comparison such as like or as
ex: my love is a red rose


the repeating of a word or phrase to add rhythm or to focus on an idea
ex:flat as a flounder flat as a crape


comparison of two different things using either like or as
ex:my love is like a red rose


an idea,object, or animal is given the characteristics of a person
ex: the rock stubbornly refused to move


an exaggeration or overstatement used for emphasis
ex: i'm so hungry i could eat a horse

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