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Interrelationship between history, commercialism and sport in USA

USA original population

Native Indians

First president

George Washington

USA declaration of Independence



Each person being responsible for own destiny


System based on private or corporate enterprise - for profit

Win ethic

Winning is more important than taking part


Winning isn't the main thing it's the only thing

American dream

Aspiration of success, freedom, equality and security

Sport as a vehicle for USA dream

Prosperity and success depending on sporting ability and hard work - not class


USA sport means business

Sport, sponsorship & media

The Golden Triangle

Commercialised sport

High scoring, action packed = popular = attractive to business

USA business influence

Influences location, timing and nature of sport

American football origins

Ivy League uni's, Gridiron,

USA football characteristics

Early days lots of serious injury and deaths
Toughness and courage reflects spirit of early pioneers

USA football physicality

Violent collision sport, involves lots of tactical planning, players wear protective equipment

USA football commercialism


Super Bowl

Massive tv event, social occasion, generates massive advertising revenue

Inauguration of first President


Ivy league universities

Yale, Rutgers, Harvard and Princeton

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