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Describe the subphylum Crustaceans.

-crabs, shrimps, lobsters, crayfishes
-2 pairs of antennae: sense organs and swimming
-2-3 body sections
-Mandible: chewing mouthpart
-4 pairs walking legs

Name some examples from the subphylum Crustacea.

-crabs, shrimps, lobsters, crayfishes

How many paris of antennae do Crustaceans have?


What are the pairs of antennae that the Crustaceans have called?

-sense organs

How many body sections do Crustaceans have?


What are the body parts of the Crustaceans?


What is the chewing mouthpart of a crustacean?


What is the mandible?

The chewing mouthpart of a crustacean

How many pairs of walking legs do Crustaceans have?


Describe decapods

-5 pairs of legs
-Chelipeds, claws

How many pairs of legs do decapods have?


Decapods have __ pairs of walking legs and crustaceans have and chelicerates have

5, 4, 4

Describe the subphylum Chelicerada.

-spiders, ticks, scorpions
-mouthparts called chelicerae, contains fangs that are used to stab and paralyze prey
-2 body sections
-cephalothorax and abdomen
-lack antennae

What are the examples of Chelicerates?


Describe the mouthpart of chelicerates

-Chelicerae, contains fangs that are used to stab and paralyze prey

What contains fangs that are used to stab and paralyze prey


Describe the Chelicerae

mouthpart that has fangs that are used to stab and paralyze prey

How many body sections do chelicerates have?


What are the two body sections that chelicerates have?


Chelicerates have __ body sections
Crustaceans have __ body sections
What are they?

2, 2-3


What do chelicerates lack?


Crustaceans and decapods have these, but chelicerates do not


Insects are apart of what subphylum?


What organisms are in the subphylum Uniramia?


Contains more species than any other group of organisms

Uniramia, subphylum

The subphylum Uniramia...

contains more species than any other group of organisms

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