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16 terms

Latin Vocab 6.7

Tenebrae, arum, f. pl
Obscuro, are, avi, atus
To darken
Nefarius, a, um
Impious, base, nefarious
Contineo, ere, tinui, tentus
To restrain
Erumpo, ere, eripui, ereptus
To snatch or take away
Muto, are, avi, atus
To change
Mens, mentis, f
Mind, purpose
Obliviscor, i, oblitus
To forget
From, on all sides
Licet, ere, licuit
It is permitted
Recognosco, ere, recognovi, recognitus
To recognize
Fore = futurum esse
To be about to be (will be)
Arma, orum, n pl
Fallo, fallere, fefeli, falisus
I am mistaken
Non modo...sed etiam
Not only...but also
Admiror, admirari, admiratus sum
To wonder