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Tenebrae, arum, f. pl


Obscuro, are, avi, atus

To darken

Nefarius, a, um

Impious, base, nefarious

Contineo, ere, tinui, tentus

To restrain

Erumpo, ere, eripui, ereptus

To snatch or take away

Muto, are, avi, atus

To change

Mens, mentis, f

Mind, purpose

Obliviscor, i, oblitus

To forget


From, on all sides

Licet, ere, licuit

It is permitted

Recognosco, ere, recognovi, recognitus

To recognize

Fore = futurum esse

To be about to be (will be)

Arma, orum, n pl


Fallo, fallere, fefeli, falisus

I am mistaken

Non modo...sed etiam

Not only...but also

Admiror, admirari, admiratus sum

To wonder

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