short story notes

banker's house and lodge-1870-1885 (russian empire)
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1. played piano and read "light" novels
2. read "the classics"
5. played piano, drank wine, wrote/tore up writing
6. studied languages, philosophy and history
7, 8, 9, 10. read 600 books
11. read 4 gospels (matthew, mark, luke, john)
12, 13. read theology and histories of religion
14, 15. read randomly-natural sciences, Byron, philosophy, shakespeare, chemistry, medicine, theology, novel
Russianwhat language was the bet originally written in?ironywhat is the emphasis in the bet?1. George Bergeron 2. Hazel Bergeron 3. Harrison Bergeron-7 ft tall, genius, 14 years old 4. Diana Moon Glampers 5. H-G men 6. Ballerinalist the 6 characters in "Harrison Bergeron"satire mythological allusion irony irony of situation similies5 literary devices of "harrison bergeron"?man vs societyconflict of "harrison bergeron"?omniscientpoint of view of harrison bergeron?hero fails to save the people and he is killedirony of situation of harrison bergeron?ironyemphasis of harrison bergeron?settingemphasis of "Masque of the Red Death"?plague whos symptoms include sharp pains, sudden dizziness, bleeding from pores and death within 30 minswhat is the Red Death?prince prospero and 1000 friends locked in the abbey;Red Deathwhat are the characters of masque of the red death?5 or 6 monthshow long were the prince and friends locked in the abbey in "masque of the red death"?7 rooms-east to westhow many rooms were in the imperial suite in "masque of the red death"?new york city-11th floor apt on Lexington ave and ledgewhat is the setting in "contents of the dead mans pockets"?man vs environment man vs himself value system vs value systemwhat are the conflicts in "contents of the dead mans pockets"?tom and clare benecke (tom is dynamic character, clare is static character)what are the characters of "contents of the dead mans pockets"?1. calls for help 2. lights scrap paper 3 times 3. drops a dozen coins from his pockets in groups of 3 or 4what are the 3 ways tom signals for help in "contents..."?the yellow peice of paper blows out window at the end and he just laughswhat is the irony of situation in "contents.."?