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George Gray

inspired by a grave in spoon river, etched with a sail fuiled, boat stuck in harbor. catch the winds of destiny, letting fate take you to wherever you must

Miss Rosie

Watches lady sit with garbage, wears old man's shoes, used to be best looking in Georgia, idiom= I stand up (means something different from literal meaning) speaker knew miss rosie well

I am offering this poem

man writing poem to reader, wrote poem that he would like to recieve, inspiring others, lyric poem (short, expressing emotion of love)

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

sonnet, more lovely and temperate than a summers day, infatuation, she is lovely, perfect, not enough time to spend with you

Bonny Barbara Allan

Ballad (song or story-like poem that tells a story, sung, strong meter, has a refrain), folk ballad, tradgic, refrain= Hard-hearted Barbara Allan

Heart! We will forget him!

conversation between heart and mind, no personification


unrhymed lines, 31 syllables :5,7,5,7,7.

We real cool

group of hudlums, will die soon, think they are cool, leave school, stay late, drink, jazz june. rhyme every line, each stanza same rhyme scheme

Where do all things begin?


What color is significant in chinese weddings?




What was Lindo's "dream" about?

haung taitai had a mole growing, she was losing teeth, servant was pregnant with haung taitai's baby

How did Rich insult Lindo?

He takes to much, calls them by their first names, and does not complement her on her food; critics it.

Why does Waverly quit chess?

Felt pressured by her mother.

Who drowned in the ocean?


Is joy luck club an autobiography?



have spirit, balance, harmony

moon lady

myth, explains how the moon and parts of nature work

antigone written by




antigone's brothers/sister

polynieces, itiocles,ismene


son of creon, engaged to antigone

antigone's parents

odepius, Jocasta

creon's wife


Why bury polyneices?

respect for the dead

Who does the chorus think buried polyneices?


What did antigone blame her death on?

odepius' actions

Who dies?

antigone, eurydice, haimon, brothers

Who marries Bianca?


Who is Lucentio's servant?


Who marries kate?


Who else wants to court Bianca?

Gremio and Hortensio

Who is the music tutor?

Litio (a.k.a. Hortensio)

Who is Petruchio's servant?


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