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Chapter 8 Section 3

Who was criticized for his policies & personalities


Sources of criticisms of Washington

Supporters of Thomas Jefferson

Most Americans considered ______ to be harmful "factions"

political parties

Opposing leaders in Washington's cabinet

Hamilton & Jefferson

Favoring one side of an issue


Newspaper & publisher who opposed Federalist

Philip Freneau

The newspaper & publisher who opposed the Federalists did so in the _______

National Gazette

Leader of the Federalists

Alexander Hamilton

The Federalists believed in strong ___________ government


the Federalists supported the _______ in their war


The Federalists appealed to which people

Northeast and wealthy plantation owners in the South because they favored banking and shipping interests

The Federalists' attidude toward powers & national bank

They believed in implied powers and felt they justified a national bank.

The Federalists' view on the role of ordinary people

They believed that people who were educated and owned property should be elected not ordinary people.

Leaders of the Democratic-Republicans

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

Democratic-Republicans believed in strong _____ government


Democratic-Republicans supported the _____ in their war


Democratic-Republicans appealed to which people

small farmers, urban workers, expecially in the Middle Atlantic States and the South

The Democratic Republicans attitude toward implied powers & a national bank

They didn't believe in implied powers or a national bank

The Democratic-Republicans' view on the role of ordinary people

Ordinary people should participate in government

Washington's dilemma was that his two main advisors, _____ and _____ could not agree and they resigned. Washington respected both.

Hamilton & Jefferson

Meetings in which leaders of a group chose their party's candidate for office


Federalist nominee for president

John Adams

Federalist nominee for vice president

Charles Pinckney

Republican nominee for president

Thomas Jefferson

Republican nominee for vice president

Aaron Burr

Electoral vote for Adams


Electoral vote for Jefferson


The second President of the US

John Adams

Who ended up being vice president because the Constitution said the person with the second highest number of electoral votes would be V. P.

Thomas Jefferson

Political party of John Adams


Political party of Thomas Jefferson


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