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English Final - A Raisin in the Sun

Describe the check that came in the mail
The check coming in the mail had $10,000 on it from the father's life insurance money.
Describe some of the conflicts between the following characters: Mama, Beneatha, Walter, and Ruth.
1. Mama vs. Walter: Money conflict.
2. Beneatha can't be a doctor anymore and has conflicts with Walter & Mama.
3. Walter can't have his liquor store dream. has conflicts with money.
4. Walter has conflict with Ruth, his wife, b/c there is a lack of communication & support, and Walter has an inability to provide for the family.
5. Ruth is pregnant & is worried about hers & Walter's marriage.
6. Walter vs. Beneatha. Walter thinks that Beneatha is wasting money going to school. Walter thinks she should be a nurse, not a doctor.
7. Walter vs. Mama. Over his desire of the liquor store. Over his indifference toward his unborn child.
Identify some of the characteristics of the main characters.
1. Mama - Christian; always has faith & usually knows what to do.
2. Beneatha - self-centered; naive; not christian.
3. Walter - selfish; persistent.
4. Ruth - worriful.
Describe Mama and Walter's money conflict.
Walter wants to be tha man of the house & feels like Mama won't let him. Mama finally gives Walter the money, & Walter's "friend" Willy runs away with it.
Describe the series of plot events that occur in the play.
1. Beneatha wanting to be a doctor
2. Mama saying she bought a house
3. White guy coming to pay them off so they won't move
4. Mama putting some money into Beneatha's med. school fund and giving the rest to Walter.
5. Willy running away with money
6. Walter wanting to take white guy's offer
7. Walter standing up to white guy
List each character's dream and how it plays out in the novel.
1. Mama - to get a house & have the family together. Works out in the end.
2. Beneatha - to become a doctor. She ends up going to Africa with Joseph Asagai to be a doctor there.
3. Walter - to start a liquor store with Willy and Bobo & to be the man of the house (he thinks that a man is measured by his money). Mama gives Walter money, so he becomes his definition of the man of the house, but Willy runs away with the money, and he can't open the liquor store.
4. Ruth - for her marriage with Walter to be healthy again. Works out when Walter miraculously matures, stands up to the white guy, and the family plans to move into Clybourne park together. Ruth and Mama are both happy with him and they walk happily out of their old living room to a new life.