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Study guide for CNA Written Test


Benefits to those age 65+ or disabled


Federal program that provides medical benefits for low-income persons.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

Chronic Illness

An Illness that lasts a long time

Acute Illness

An illness of short duration

Nosocomial Infection

An infection acquired in a hospital

verbal, body language

Ways to communicate:


back side down


Stomach down


What position is used for rectal treatments-enemas, etc.?


to waste away


to draw together, to reduce in size

Supine with high fowlers

What is the best position for using a bedpan?


If a patient is likely to vomit do not position him on his back because he could:


Painful/ Absence of bowel/ liquid movements are symptoms of:


If an alarm goes off on a patient with a feeding tube you should get the:

An opening in the colon

What is a colostomy

Non verbal behaviour

N _ _ _ _ r _ _ l b _ _ _ v _ _ u _ is more accurate because people don't always mean what they say


uncontaminated; free from known pathogenic organisms.


free from all micro-organisms


______ can NOT be sterilized.


protective devices used to limit physical activity of the client or a part of the client's body

Blood Borne Pathogen

disease causing microorganisms that are carried and transmitted through contact with the host's blood

warm, dark, moist

Micro-organisms survive best in _ _ _ m , _ _ _ k , m _ _ _ t environments that contain oxygen and nourishment.


Failure to act as an average nursing assistant would act under the same circumstance.

gross negligence

Person shows so little care it appears that they are indifferent to the welfare of others

Body Mechanics

The proper use of the body to facilitate lifting and moving and preventing injury.


True or False:
Everyone gets dementia as age

98.6 F / 37.0 C, 101.0 F / 37.5 C, 97.6 F / 36.4 C

Normal Oral Temperature: ____
Normal Rectal Temperature:____
Normal Axillary Temperature:____

60-90, 80-115

Normal adult Pulse: ____
Normal child pulse:______


Normal Respiration

100-140, 60-90

Blood Pressure:

Apical Pulse

found only with a stethoscope at the apex of the heart just under the left breast

Front, Back

It is important to wipe female patients from _____ to _____.

Every two hours

Prevent bed sores by repositioning _____ ___ _____.


Unconscious Resident Mouth Care:
All residents should receive oral hygiene ____ daily and as needed.

30, head

Unconscious Resident Mouth Care:
HOB raised to at least __ degrees, turn ____ to the side.

healing, swelling, pain

Applying Heat:
Heat is used to speed up the ______ process, to decrease ______, or relieve _____.

swelling, bleeding, pain, body

Applying Cold:
Cold is used to prevent ______, control _______, relieve _____, or lower _____ temperature.


If you drop someone's dentures you are guilty of __________.

Bed Bath

Completely washing the patients entire body from head to toe if they are bedridden or on bedrest.

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