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Holt American Nation Chapter 36 Notes

Bill Clinton
-Governor of Arkansas
-running mate: Al Gore
-Father died when he was a baby
- Grew up poor
-Alcoholic Adoptive father
-Met JFK as a teenage delegate for Boys Nation
-Married in 1975; settled in Fayetteville, Arkansas
-"Slick Willie"
Al Gore
-Bill Clinton's running mate
-Senator from Tennessee
Hillary Rodham Clinton
-Met Bill at Yale
-served as a staff member with the house judiciary committee (while Nixon's impeachment was being considered)
-Married in 1975; settled in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Ross Perot
-Billionaire from Texas
-Promised to reform the federal government by decreasing hte influence of political lobbyist and by giving the public a greater voice
-His economic plans appealed to many voters
Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Hearing
- Sexual scandal involving Clarence Thomas, appointed Supreme Court Judge, and Anita Hill
-Because of these hearing, female voters were active in the 1992
President HW Bush
His campaign focused on:
- Personal character
Didn't say much about the economy
The Year of the Woman
-dubbed this because of the increase of female activity in government
-four U.S. seats gained by prominent female democrats
The 4 Female U.S. Senators
Patty Murray: Washington (state)
Carol Moseley-Braun: Illinois (AfAm)
Barbara Boxer: California
Dianne Fenstein: California
Maya Angelou
-Read her poem at President bill Clinton's inauguration
-Her poem celebrated the diversity of Americans and hope for the future
(Clinton then used the ideas stated in her poem to create a diverse cabinet)
Clinton's Cabinet Appointees:
-Henry Ciseros: Secretary of housing and urban developement (MexAm)
-Ron Brown: Secretary of commerce (AfAm)
-Joycelyn Elders: Surgeon General (AfAm)
-Dee Dee Myers: Press Secretary
- Janet Reno: Attorney General
-Donna Shalala: Secretary of Health and Human Resources
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
-filled he vacancy on the supreme court
-appointed by Clinton
Fears/ Prolbems of Americans during Clinton's Presidency
- Affording Health care (because more Americans were were living longer
-Voter frustration with slow recovery
-Failed Arkansas real-estate developer
-The Clinton's were questioned about prior improper financial relations with the problem
Contract With America
-Signed by many Republicans
-pledged a balanced budget amendment and other reforms
Newt Gingrich
- Speaker of the House
Conflict in Eastern Europe
-So in Eastern Europe, Communism and the Cold War is kind of dying down
- Ethnic and local disputes
-Bosnia and Herzegovina (Yugoslavia) was particularly bad
Nelson Mandela
-Political Prisoner during apartheid
-Became president during the1994 elections
-South Africa's Future looked hopeful after his presidency
Operation Restore Hope
-Enacted because of all the turmoil in Somalia, Liberia, Mali, Zambia
-UN Sent peacekeepers
-Doesn't really help the situations
Yasir Arafat
-Palestinian leader
(Leader of the PLO)
-By the way: Palestine is NOT a country, rather and organization)
PLO= Palestine Liberation organization
-Met with Rabin and Clinton to discuss Middle East peace efforts
Yitzhak Rabin
-Israel Prime minister
-Assassinated after the Arafat-Clinton negotiations