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  1. Fort Dusquesne
  2. Second Continental Congress
  3. Stamp Tax
  4. Breed and Bunker Hill
  5. Massachusetts Resolution
  1. a French fort that Washington attempted to capture, and failed
  2. b The meeting of colonial delegates that approved the Declaration of Independence
  3. c one of the first battles in the revolutionary war
  4. d said that states could not say a law was unconstitutional
  5. e a tax over stamps, which was eventually rebuked due to american protests

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  1. James Madison's plan of government, in which states got a number of representatives in Congress based on their population
  2. an organization that spread political ideas through the colonies
  3. Americans who wanted freedom from britan
  4. America bought Florida from spain
  5. People reacted violently to british soldiers, and eventually led to the the murder of many of the rioters

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  1. Amendment 10freedom of speech, religion, the press, petitioning the government, and assembly


  2. LouisbourgAmericans loyal to britian


  3. Articles of ConfederationsOriginal constitution, poorly writen and fell apart after a short time


  4. Democratic-RepublicansWanted more power to the people


  5. Letters of an American FarmerRetaliation for the taxation without representation of the american people


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