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  1. Amendment 3
  2. Indian Removal Act
  3. Judicial Review
  4. Amendment 4
  5. Boston Massacre
  1. a no unprovoked searchs by the police
  2. b no soldier can be quartered without consent
  3. c People reacted violently to british soldiers, and eventually led to the the murder of many of the rioters
  4. d Said that Natives would have to live west of the Mississippi
  5. e gave the Supreme court the ability to say if a law was unconstitutional

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  1. America bought Florida from spain
  2. right to bear arms
  3. Site of an important battle in the French and Indian war, English won
  4. Wanted more power to the people
  5. The meeting of colonial delegates that approved the Declaration of Independence

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  1. Articles of ConfederationsOriginal constitution, poorly writen and fell apart after a short time


  2. Cotton GinCleaned cotton


  3. Amendment 6Speedy and fair trial


  4. Monroe DoctrineFrench fort that Washington attempted to capture, and failed


  5. Amendment 1right to privacy