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  1. Breed and Bunker Hill
  2. Fort Necessity
  3. Northwest Ordinance
  4. Second Continental Congress
  5. Stamp Tax
  1. a a tax over stamps, which was eventually rebuked due to american protests
  2. b The meeting of colonial delegates that approved the Declaration of Independence
  3. c Made land west of the Appalacians settleable, more freedom there
  4. d one of the first battles in the revolutionary war
  5. e Fort built by George Washington to defend against the French, did not work at all

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  1. Executive, judicial, and legislative
  2. Site of a French fort where an army of Native Americans and colonists defeated the French
  3. no soldier can be quartered without consent
  4. proclaimed independence from britain
  5. Delegates from all colonies except georgia met to discuss problems with britain and to promote independence

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  1. Cotton GinPropoganda against british, helped convince many to fight


  2. Virginia and Kentucky ResolutionsSaid that states were allowed not to follow laws they thought unconstitional


  3. Committee of Correspondencean organization that spread political ideas through the colonies


  4. LouisbourgFirst significant British victory of the Seven Years' War


  5. Amendment 5Cannot be a witness to yourself