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  1. Amendment 7
  2. Amendment 8
  3. Amendment 5
  4. Magna Carta
  5. Division of Power (3 branches of government)
  1. a Document that started people's demands for freedom, made 1215
  2. b no execive bail or cruel and unusual punishment
  3. c Executive, judicial, and legislative
  4. d Cannot be a witness to yourself
  5. e trial by jury, can't go twice for the same thing

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  1. First significant British victory of the Seven Years' War
  2. 1 harder for aliens to become citizens
    2 president could throw out anyone he thought dangerous
    3 anyone from a warrring country could be deported

    1 a crime to critizise the government
  3. American nations were closed, no more colonies on the land of America
  4. Delegates from all colonies except georgia met to discuss problems with britain and to promote independence
  5. Made things easier though machines

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  1. America's acquisition of Floridasaid that states could not say a law was unconstitutional


  2. War of 1812War between the British, French, and Americans. French lost, and It took a long time before Americans were ready to drive away the british


  3. Declaration of Independencean organization that spread political ideas through the colonies


  4. FederalistAmericans loyal to britian


  5. Amendment 3no soldier can be quartered without consent