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  1. Amendment 5
  2. Federalist
  3. Amendment 10
  4. Statute for Religious Freedom
  5. Fort Dusquesne
  1. a a law introduced in Virginia that legally separate church and state.
  2. b More power to the federal government
  3. c more power to states
  4. d French fort that Washington attempted to capture, and failed
  5. e Cannot be a witness to yourself

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  1. Speedy and fair trial
  2. right to privacy
  3. Site of an important battle in the French and Indian war, English won
  4. Document that started people's demands for freedom, made 1215
  5. people are forced to quarter british soldiers

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  1. Stamp TaxCleaned cotton


  2. Division of Power (3 branches of government)Executive, judicial, and legislative


  3. First Continental CongressThe meeting of colonial delegates that approved the Declaration of Independence


  4. Articles of ConfederationsOriginal constitution, poorly writen and fell apart after a short time


  5. LouisbourgSite of a French fort where an army of Native Americans and colonists defeated the French