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Oklahoma History Chapter 15

Dick Rowland was sentenced to prison for his role in the Tulsa Race Riot.
Sarah Page refused to file charges.
The first talking motion picture was Birth of a Nation.
The Jazz Singer
Oklahoma Governor John C. Walton was impeached and removed from office.
Factories close when consumer demand for products drops
The winds that created the dust storms blew away topsoil.
All of the following occurred during the post WW1 period except:
The lack of discovery of new oil fields.
The oil business was booming!
The reorganized Ku Klux Klan targeted all the following groups except:
native americans
What caused the Tulsa Race Riot?
an incident on an elevator
The Tulsa Race Riot resulted in all of the following except:
punishment for those who were responsible for the loss of life and property
Where was the first petrochemical plant in the Southwest established?
What caused the Osage Reign of Terror?
The greed of whites who wanted control of the Indian's oil.
Oklahoma's farmers were slow to adopt mechanization for all of the following reasons except:
they were suspicious of those newfangled inventions
Who invented a pressure suit that allowed pilots to breathe and survive at higher flight altitudes?
Wiley Post
What activity caused Governor John C. Walton to be criticized, leading to his impeachment?
his leniency toward prisoners
Which statement best explains the saying "It is evolution, not revolution, gentlemen."
The New Deal gradually came about.
Why did governor William Murray shut down Oklahoma's oil production?
Production had to be controlled to allow prices to rise when demand was low.
What did Franklin Roosevelt do to reduce the effects of the depression the day after he became president?
He closed all the banks until federal examiners could determine if they were sound enough to survive.
Which New Deal agency worked on such projects as building dams, improving national parks, planting trees and fighting wildfires?
CCC Civilian Conservation Corp
Why did the AAA hurt some farmers?
The Agricultural Adjustment Act did not treat all farmers equally.
Which improvement for farmers was a direct result of the REA (Rural Electrification authority)
improved housing
Which New Deal agency provided home loans for low-income families?
FHA Federal Housing Administration
A group of young Indians known as the Kiowa Five included all of the following artists except
not Solomon McCombs
(James Auchiah, Jack Hokeah, Stephen Mopope)
Who was the first person to use the term Dust Bowl?
Robert Geiger, an AP reporter
Oklahoma Governor E. W. Marland succeeded in implementing all of the following except:
decreasing the state sales tax
(he raised the tax)
The Five Ballerinas included all of the following native american dancers except:
Lois Smokey
The prosperous black community of Greenwood was once called the _______________.
Black Wall Street
An incident between __________________, a white girl and ____________, a black boy was responsible for the outbreak of the Tulsa Race Riot.
Sarah Page
Dick Rowland
__________________ was one of the groups that campaigned for programs to help farmers.
Agricultural Adjustment Act
The Bunion Derby ran from __________on the west coast to ____________on the east coast.
Lake ______________was created by the construction of the Denison Dam across the Red River.
Received federal license to broadcast from the first radio station west of the Mississippi River.
Earl Hull
Won the Bunion Derby, the longest race in america.
Andy Payne
Suggested building Route 66 through Tulsa and OKC to avoid high peaks of the Rocky Mountains.
Cyrus Avery
Tulsa sheriff at the time of the Tulsa Race Riots.
Willard McCullough
Agent of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation who investigated the Osage Reign of Terror.
Luther Bishop
Converted a dry goods store in Guthrie into a vaudeville house.
George Pollard
Established an airport in Tulsa and created the Curtiss-Southwest Airplane company.
Duncan McIntyre
Down-home humorist who who used the radio to comment on issues of the day.
Will Rogers
Wrote The Grapes of Wrath about the dust bowl.
John Steinbeck