A Midsummer Night's Dream

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-Puck tells Oberon about Titania and Bottom and is delighted
-Demetrius and Hermia arrive, and Oberon and Puck realize the mistake: Puck put potion on Lysander instead of Demetrius so they must remedy it
-Hermia presses Demetrius for Lysander's whereabouts and worries he's dead
-Demetrius does not know where he is but is upset that she would rather be with Lysander than him. This makes her angrier and she storms off while Demetrius falls asleep
-Oberon puts juice in Demetrius's eyes and sends Puck to find Helena: Helena close behind with Lysander declaring his love. She still refuses to believe and is hurt at his mocking
-Demetrius wakes up to the noise and falls in love. Lysander says Demetrius doesn't really love her, while he says Lysander is really in love with Hermia. Helena still believes they are mocking her
-Hermia enters and realizes Lysander and Demetrius are in love with Helena
-Helena thinks Hermia is in on the joke and yells at her for taking their friendship so lightly
-Demetrius and Lysander lunge at each other and ready to risk lives for Helena's love
-Hermia holds Lysander back and angers him, questioning if he needs to hurt her to say he doesn't love her ("I will shake thee from me like a serpent")
-Hermia thinks Helena intentionally wooed Lysander with her height and threatens to scratch out her eyes
-Helena is scared b/c Hermia always quick to fight, but Demetrius and Lysander protect her from Hermia before storming off and fighting in forest
-Helena runs away and Hermia renounces her amazement at the turn of
-Oberon sends Puck to keep Lysander and Demetrius from fighting, saying they must fix it before the morning
-Puck flies through the forest and confuses the two by yelling insults at them from each other's voices, making them lost and tiring them out
Scene 3
-all four lovers wander back and fall asleep
-Puck puts juice in Lysander's eyes to make him fall in love with Hermia again
1. Love's difficulty
-not truly a love story
-distances audience from emotions of characters to make fun of torments of those in love
-love out of balance- asymmetrical love among four lovers. Hermia with too many lovers, Helena with none. -imbalance between Titania and Oberon: Titania's love for Indian boy more than love for Oberon
-imbalance between Titania and Bottom: Titania beautiful and graceful, Bottom clumsy and ridiculous
2. Magic
-fairies' magic central to atmosphere/plot that is surreal
-supernatural power of love symbolized by love potion
-magic creates problems but ultimately solves them
-Puck's graceful ease with magic contrasts with clumsiness of craftsmen's play
3. Dreams
-linked to magical mishaps in forest
-ex. Hippolyta foreshadows in beginning "Four days will quickly steep themselves in night, Four nights will quickly dream away the time"
-occurs when characters try to explain bizarre events
-ex. Bottom says "I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what/dream it was. Man is but an ass if he go about t'expound this dream"
-time loses normal flow in dreams, events occur without explanation, the impossible occurs shown through fairy intervention
-extended when Puck addresses audience at end and makes the play more fantastical than dramatic
4. Betrayal
-Hermia betrays her father's wishes by sneaking off to forest with Lysander
-Oberon betrays Titania and seeks revenge by making her fall in love with ass head and tricking her into giving him the Indian boy
-Lysander betrays Hermia by falling in love with Helena
-Helena assumes Hermia is betraying their friendship by participating in the cruel joke
-Demetrius betrays Helena prior to play by falling in love with Hermia
5. Parent & Child
-Egeus and Hermia: betrayal
-Titania and Indian boy
-Pyramus and Thisby: disapproval
-Oberon and Puck (?)
6. Play-within-a-play
-adds comedic element to melodramatic Athenian lovers
-Pyramus and Thisby face parental disapproval just as Hermia and Lysander do
-theme of romantic confusion enhanced by darkness: Pyramus believes Thisby is killed just as Athenian lovers experience
mix-ups in the darkness/magic of forest
7. Contrast
-Hermia short, Helena tall
-Puck plays pranks, Bottom is victim of pranks
-Titania is beautiful, Bottom grotesque
-fairies graceful and magical, craftsmen are clumsy and mortal
-craftsmen merry, lovers serious
-Puck graceful but not as sweet as other fairies as he is mischievous