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Name the 5 GI components of the foregut

esophagus, stomach, descending duodenum, liver, pancreas

Name the 5 components ofthe midgut

descending duodenum, jejunum, ileum, cecum, ascending and transverse colon

Name the 3 components of the hindgut

descending colon, rectum, lining of bladder/urethra

What artery supplies the foregut?

celiac a.

What artery supplies the midgut?

Cranial mesenteric a.

What artery supplies the Hindgut?

Caudal mesenteric a.

Give fate of dorsal mesentery

dorsal mesentary, dorsal mesogastrium, greater omentum, spleen develops in the dorsal mesogastrium

Give fate of ventral mesentery

ventral mesentery, ventral meogastrium, lesser omentum, liver develops in the ventral mesogastrium

What does the expansion of the dorsal surface of the stomach lead to?

greater curvature

What does the expansion of the ventral surface of the stomach lead to?

lesser curvature

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