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The History of the United States Chapter 3

When and where was the first permanent English settlement made?
1607 in Jamestown
What did John Smith do to make Jamestown succeed?
Captain John Smith made a rule: "He that will not work shall not eat," and saw to it that the rule was kept. Through his leadership, the colonists went to work.
How did slavery start in Virginia? What year did it start?
Slavery started in Virginia in 1619 when the Dutch ship the White Lion arrived there carrying twenty African slaves. The English needed workers and the Dutch needed supplies, so the Africans were traded to the English tobacco growers, who used them to work on their plantations.
What was the House of Burgesses?
The House of Burgesses was the name of the first self-governing legislature in Virginia.
Who founded Maryland?
George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore.
What was the first settlement started in Maryland?
St. Mary's
What was the Maryland Toleration Act of 1649?
a law stating that all Christians should enjoy religious freedom.
Why was Carolina divided into two colonies?
the populations came from different places and the occupations also differed.
Why was Georgia founded?
as a buffer against the Spanish Catholics in Florida, and as a refuge for inmates of the English debtor prisons.