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Stetzen Thompson

What I need to study.
Steps in financial planning process
Set SMART Goals, Analyze Information, Create A Plan, Implement A Plan, Monitor And Modify The Plan
A statement of an individual's annual wages and taxes provided by an employer that must be included with the employee's federal, state, and city income tax returns.
someone who grants a lease
Interest Formula
Principal x rate x time
Loan Origination Fee
A fee charged to the borrower by the lender for making a mortgage loan. The fee is usually computed as a percentage of the loan amount.
70-20-10 Rule
70% of the money can be spent, 20% should be saved, and 10% should be invested
Insurance Types
• Automobile insurance
• Credit insurance
• Homeowner's insurance and property insurance
• Health insurance
• Disability income insurance
• Life insurance
• Long-term care insurance