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Reproductive System CQ

The first step in oogenesis is a?
primary oocyte divides to form a secondary oocyte and a first polar body
Male reproductive functions are controlled mainly by hormones from the hypothalamus, and?
anterior pituitary gland and testes
The glands in a lobe of a breast?
drain into alveolar ducts, which drain into a lactiferous duct that leads to the nipple
Which of structures is unpaired?
prostate gland
Sperm cells are stored primarily in the?
In females, which structure is immediately anterior to the vagina?
The number of sperm cells that form from a primary spermatocyte is?
The structure the sperm enters upon exiting the ductus deferens is the?
ejaculatory duct
The hormone mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of female secondary sexual characteristics is?
The tubular part of the uterus that extends downward into the upper vagina is the?
Fertilization normally occurs in the?
uterine tube
Undifferentiated spermatogenic cells are called?
During the first meiotic division?
homologous chromosome pairs separate
The epididymis, coiled on the outer surface of the testis, becomes the?
ductus deferens
The epididymis is a _____ and it _____?
tightly coiled tube on the outside of the testis; stores immature sperm
The inner mucosal layer of the uterine wall is the?
The head of a sperm is mostly?
The process by which egg cells are formed?
The culmination of sexual stimulation, which is accompanied by a sense of physiological and psychological release, is called?
About the time of ovulation, the anterior pituitary gland releases a surge of?
The egg, or ovum, is more correctly called?
a secondary oocyte
Following ovulation, the follicular cells of the ovary enlarge to form a structure called the?
corpus luteum
What is the correct sequence of embryonic stages?
Zygote, morula, blastocyst, embryoblast
What stimulates the secondary oocyte to complete meiosis II?
When a sperm cell penetrates the oocyte membrane
Oogenesis is?
The production of immature oocytes in the ovary