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isalnd chain in present-day Indonesia, which Europeans then called the Spice Islands

Prince Henry

led the way in sponsoring exploration for Portugal, a small nation next to Spain



Vasco da Gama

Portuguese navigator in 1497; followed in Dias's footsteps
-lead four ships around the Cape of Good Hope

Christopher Columbus

italian navigator from Genoa
-wanted to reach the East Indies
-sailed west across the Atlantic

Line of Demarcation

a line dividing the non-European world in to two zones
-Spain had trading and exploration rights in any lands west of the line
-Portugal had the same rights east of the line

Treaty of Tordesillas

-signed between the 2 countries in 1949 (Portugal and Spain) separated the two countries

Ferdinand Magellan

set out from Spain with 5 ships to find a way to reach the Pacific
-ships sailed South and West
-landed on South America


sail around
-hub of international trade


an East Africa coastal city


an East Africa coastal city
-hub of international trade


large estates run by an owner or an owner's overseer-in the Americas and elsewhere

Affonso I

ruler of Kongo in west central Africa


people who hoped to convert Africans to Christianity

Asante kingdom

-emerged in the area-Ghana

Osei Tutu

won control of the trading city of Kumasi
-conquered neighboring peoples and unified the Asante Kingdom


exclusive control of business or industry

Oyo empire

arose from successive waves of settlement by the Yoruba-Nigeria
-began as a relatively smaal kingdom in the forest

Cape town

the 1st permanent European settlement, to supply ships sailing to or from the East Indies


dutch farmers
-settled around Cape Town

Afonso de Albuquerque

-burst into the Indian Ocean w/Portuguese

Mughal Empire

Muslims from central Asia est. it throughout much of India


off the coast of india
-Portuguese made it their major military amd commercial base


-Portuguese conquered it in the East Indies
-in 1511, massacring the city's Muslims


distant areas under the control of the Portuguese

Dutch East India Company

in 1602, group of wealthy Dutch merchants formed this with an unusual amount of power


having full independant power


Spain took over the...Magellan had conquered and colonized the islands
-naming them from the Spanish King Philip II


Indian troops


the Ming eventually allowed the Portuguese a trading post at... near Canton


a coastal city in Southeastern China, also known as Canton

Matteo Ricci

brilliant Jesuit priest
-made particular strong impression on the Chinese


ruled a region in the northeast
-invaders from the north
-had long been influenced by Chinese Civilization


dynasty set up by the Machus


kangxi's grandson...had an equal successful reign from 1736-1796
-expanded china's borders to rule the largest area in the nation's history

Lord Macartney

arrived in China at the head of a British diplomatic mission
-bought samples of British-made goods to show the Chinese, who looked at the goods as rather crude products, thought they were a gift to the emperor


small island that was used for trading every year with just one or two Dutch ships

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