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Marbury vs. Madison

First time supreme court used power of judicial review

Lemon v. Kurtsman

Purpose of legislation must be secular, can't advance or inhibit any religion, and doesn't foster excessive government entanglement

Cochran v. Louisiana

Tax money can be used for any non-religious school materials

Barnette (1943)

Can't be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at school

McCullum (1948)

Can't use tax money for religious education

Engle v. Vitale

No prayer in school

Abington v. Schempp

Bible readings can't be used in class, except as an instructional tool

Lee v. Weisman

Religious exercises at graduation are unconstitutional

Santa Fe v. Doe

Student lead prayer at public school events are unconstitutional

Vewdow v. Elk Grove Unified Schools

Is one Nation Under God unconstitutional?

Zelman v. Simons

School voucher programs are constitutional

Locke v. Davey

States have the right to exclude theological studies from state funding if they choose


Fire/ clear and present danger

Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire

Hostile/adversarial speech is not protected

Bethel v. Fraser

Schools can sensor speech

Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeir

Schools can censor school newspapers

Tinker v. Des Moines

Expression is allowed at school, so long as the mission isn't disrupted

Johnson v. Texas

Flag burning is a form of protected expression

Virginia v. Black

State cross burning bans upheld as constitutional

Mapp v. Ohio

Applies exclusionary rule to the states

Minnesota v. Carter

Guests in a home are not protected by the 4th unless they are invited and are overnight guests

City of Indianapolis v. Edmond

Police can't use road blocks to look for evidence of some nonspecific crime

Goss v. Lopez

Students have a right to due process before being expelled or suspended more than 10 days

Miranda v. Arizona

Suspect must be told of their rights


Race can't be sole determinant of challenging prospective jury member

Gideon v. Wainright

Right to attorney if you can't afford one

Furman v. Georgia

Death penalty ceased in US

Gregg v. Georgia

Death penalty legal in under certain conditions

Stanford v. Kentucky

Minimum age for capital punishment is 16

Atkins v. Virginia

Can't execute the mentally ill

Romper v. Simmons

Can't execute those under 18

Loving v. Virginia

Law banning blacks and whites from being married is unconstitutional

Griswold v. Connecticut

States can't interfere with right to birth control

Roe v. Wade

(1973) legalized abortion on the basis of a woman's right to privacy

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