Types of Potential Energy


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Chemical Energy
A type of energy that comes from a compound that changes as its atoms are rearranged
Light, Chemical
During Photosynthesis, plants use _____ energy to produce new substances with _____ energy
coal, gas, oil, batteries, matches, food, etc
Give three examples of chemical energy.
Chemical to Thermal
What type of conversion is taking place when natural gas is used to heat water?
Thermal Energy
Any time an energy conversion takes place, some of the original energy is converted to which type of energy?
Electrical Potential Energy
The potential energy that involves the movement of electrons is called...
Electrical to Thermal
Two types of energy conversions that take place in a hair dryer include_____ to ___.
Electrical to light OR Electrical to thermal
What are 2 energy conversions can a light bulb have?
Which of the following stores electrical energy?
matches, magnets, lightning, or microwave
When two opposite poles are together your magnetic potential energy will be the (highest or lowest).
Elastic Potential Energy
A type of energy that is stored in objects that are compressed and stretched.
springs, bows, mechanical pencils, mattress, etc.
Name three things that have elastic potential energy.
Mass and height
Gravitational potential energy depends on what two things?
Energy conversion
A change from one form of energy to another is called
Law of conservation of energy
This states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can only change from one form to another.
The ability to do work
Chemical Energy
What kind of energy transfer does a match have before it is lit?
Thermal and Light energy
What kind of energy(s) does a match have after it is lit?
lightbulb, ipods, lamps, lightning, etc.
List examples of electrical potential energy
batteries, food matches, etc.
List examples of chemical potential energy
hills, roller coasters, bungee cords
List examples of gravitational potential energy
mattress, springs, bows and arrows, etc.
List examples of elastic potential energy
Spring 2
Which spring has the most elastic potential energy?
It is spread apart more than Spring 1.
Why does Spring 2 have the most EPE?
Chemical Potential Energy
Energy stored in chemical bonds
Elastic Potential Energy
Energy stored by something that can stretch or compress
Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE)
Energy stored by objects due to their position above Earth's surface.
Magnetic Potential Energy
Energy stored in a magnetic field
Electrical Potential Energy
Energy possessed by the charged particle that is due to its location. If the particle is released, it accelerates in a direction away from the sphere, and its electric potential energy changes to kinetic energy.
Thermal Energy
Heat energy