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  1. describe
  2. prediction
  3. interrupt
  4. terminal
  5. recognize
  1. a a statement foretelling the future
  2. b to represent with words or pictures
  3. c to stop or hinder by breaking in on
  4. d to identify someone or something seen before
  5. e related to something leading to the end or to death

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  1. the act of resistance or action against
  2. the taking back of something
  3. a break with what is legally or morally right
  4. a written order for medicine
  5. to act directly against; to prevent from affecting

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  1. reactiona statement foretelling the future


  2. exterminateto destroy or get rid of completely


  3. intactthe state of touching or meeting


  4. exposeto place something where it ca be seen; to put in an unprotected situation


  5. contradictto express or imply the opposite of