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  1. interaction
  2. composition
  3. prediction
  4. tactile
  5. circumvent
  1. a of or relating to the sense of touch
  2. b an arrangement or putting together of parts
  3. c to go around; to bypass restrictions
  4. d communication between two or more things
  5. e a statement foretelling the future

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  1. a break with what is legally or morally right
  2. an intent to reach a goal
  3. to bring back to youthful strength or appearance
  4. a gathering or assembly of people with a common interest
  5. to draw around; to encircle

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  1. interveneto come between; to intercede


  2. interceptto stop or hinder by breaking in on


  3. juvenileto bring back to youthful strength or appearance


  4. inscriptiona written order for medicine


  5. audiencea group of listeners or spectators


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