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  1. cognition
  2. prediction
  3. inaudible
  4. interaction
  5. contradict
  1. a to express or imply the opposite of
  2. b a statement foretelling the future
  3. c unable to be heard
  4. d communication between two or more things
  5. e process of acquiring knowledge

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  1. an arrangement or putting together of parts
  2. a group of listeners or spectators
  3. to draw around; to encircle
  4. related to something leading to the end or to death
  5. the taking back of something

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  1. interveneto stop or interrupt the course of


  2. interruptto stop or interrupt the course of


  3. describea response


  4. juvenileto bring back to youthful strength or appearance


  5. tactileof or relating to the sense of touch


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