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  1. rapidly flowing mixture of rock debris and water, muddy rock (indonesian)
  2. molten rock, ability to flow depends on silica and moisture content, made up of crystals, volcanic glass, and bubbles
  3. high viscosity, high explosive eruptions, medium, lava and pyroclastic flows, subduction zone, Mt. Fuji Mt. St. Helens Krakatoa
  4. low viscosity, low gases, largest big base, fluid from all directions, hotspots, Hawaii Galapagos Iceland
  5. opening in the Earth's crust where magma and volcanic gases escape

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  1. cinder coneopening in the earth's crust that allows magma, pyroclasts, and gases to escape


  2. us hotspotsHawaii, Yellowstone


  3. gascarbon dioxide, water vapor, sulfur dioxide


  4. viscosityareas of volcanism not at plate boundaries


  5. ashcarbon dioxide, water vapor, sulfur dioxide


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