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Spanish Present Progressive practice

The present progressive describes an action that happens during a certain period of time. The tense is made with the present tense of estar (to be) plus a present participle ("ing" word).
estar comiendo
to be eating
estar dando
to be giving
estar diciendo
to be saying
estar decidiendo
to be deciding
estar abriendo
to be opening
estar escribiendo
to be writing
estar creyendo
to be believing
estar leyendo
to be reading
estar aprendiendo
to be learning
estar estudiando
to be studying
estar hablando
to be speaking
estar trabajando
to be working
estar preguntando
to be asking
estar queriendo
to be wanting
estar viajando
to be travelling
estar caminando
to be walking
estar visitando
to be visiting
estar regresando
to be returning
estar respondiendo
to be responding
estar cerrando
to be closing
estar recibiendo
to be receiving
estar haciendo
to be doing, making
estar yendo
to be going
estar jugando
to be playing
estar oyendo
to be hearing
estar poniendo
to be putting
estar saliendo
to be leaving
estar siguiendo
to be following
estar trayendo
to be bringing
estar viendo
to be seeing
estar lavándose
to be washing (oneself)
estar bañándose
to be bathing (oneself)
estar duchándose
to be showering (oneself)
estar vistiéndose
to be dressing, wearing
estar acostándose
to be going to bed
estar durmiéndose
to be sleeping
estar despertándose
to be waking up
estar levantándose
to be getting up, rising
estar casándose
to be marrying
estar teniendo
to be having
estar tomando
to be taking, drinking
estar plantando
to be planting
estar viviendo
to be living
estar planeando
to be planning
estar limpiando
to be cleaning
estar cocinando
to be cooking
estoy lavándome
I am washing (myself)
estamos lavándonos
we are washing ourselves
tú estás acostándote
you (informal) are going to bed
ellos estan durmiéndose
they are sleeping
estoy despertándome
I am waking up
estamos levantándonos
we are getting up (rising)
tú estás casándote
you (informal) are getting married
estoy escribiendo una carta
I am writing a letter
estamos comiendo
we are eating
ellos están viendo una película
they are watching a movie
ella está trayendo un pastel
she is bringing a cake
estoy leyendo una revista
I am reading a magazine
estamos viendo la montaña
we are looking at (seeing) the moutain
tú estás estudiando
you (informal) are studying
él está cerrando la tienda
he is closing the shop
ellos están decidiendo
they are deciding
usted está decidiendo
you (formal) are deciding
ella está trabajando hasta tarde
she is working late
estamos saliendo temprano
we are leaving early
ella está limpiando la casa
she is cleaning the house
están cantando
they are singing