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  1. wander
  2. despise
  3. oblivion
  4. bankruptcy
  5. devoid
  1. a 軽蔑する、馬鹿にする
    the newly inaugurated president despises bureaucrats.
  2. b ~を欠いている
    he is not popular in his class because he is devoid of
  3. c 忘却
  4. d ぶらつく、放浪する
    he had nothing to do but - around the park.
  5. e 倒産

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  1. 質素な、倹約する
    he leads a frugal life in the countryside
  2. キラキラ輝く
    all that glitters is not gold
  3. 隔離、孤立、引きこもること
  4. 埋立地、開墾地
  5. 最終的な、決定的な
    he made a definitive decision

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  1. expose(日光などに)さらす
    it is not good for you to expose your skin to sunlight for a long time


  2. saturateすっかり濡らす、満たす
    the lawn was saturated with water.


  3. glossaryキラキラ輝く
    all that glitters is not gold


  4. compel強制する
    the dictatorial leader compelled the colonist to pay taxes


  5. Neptune海王星


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