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  1. ingrate
  2. coherent
  3. rally
  4. deploy
  5. compel
  1. a 集会、ラリー
  2. b 首尾一貫した
    he could not present a coherent defense of his theory
  3. c (軍を)配備{展開}する
    the commander of the Union deploys his forces immediately
  4. d 恩知らず
  5. e 強制する
    the dictatorial leader compelled the colonist to pay taxes

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  1. 沼地
  2. 消耗させる、徹底的な、完全な
    the work is really exhaustive
  3. 努力する、用いる、発揮する
    he exerted himself and discovered the actual extent of his ability
  4. 呼び覚ます、祈願する、嘆願する、(法に)訴える
    the speech of the dean invoked our challenging spirit
  5. 力強い、有力な
    the cement is -- and should be mixed with water

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  1. temporary(日光などに)さらす
    it is not good for you to expose your skin to sunlight for a long time


  2. wanderぶらつく、放浪する
    he had nothing to do but - around the park.


  3. iceberg反逆者


  4. lickなめる
    animals have a habit of licking their wounds


  5. concession基準、標準