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  1. reclaimed land
  2. frontier
  3. discerning
  4. erroneous
  5. definitive
  1. a 最終的な、決定的な
    he made a definitive decision
  2. b 明敏な、洞察力のある
    his discerning judgment helped us.
  3. c 誤った、間違った
    the meteorological agency made forecasts on the basis of - global surface temperature date
  4. d 埋立地、開墾地
  5. e 国境、辺境、フロンティア

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  1. 燃え上がらせる
    the price increase inflamed tempers among the farmers.
  2. 忘却
  3. 移植
  4. 一時的な、つかの間の
    he suffered a temporary loss of memory from the accident.
  5. (軍を)配備{展開}する
    the commander of the Union deploys his forces immediately

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  1. extort(日光などに)さらす
    it is not good for you to expose your skin to sunlight for a long time


  2. amiable粒子、細片


  3. frownまゆをひそめる
    the chairman frowned at the critical evaluations of his members


  4. enmity敵意、憎しみ


  5. leopardヒョウ