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  1. pensive
  2. jaded
  3. contemptuously
  4. kinship
  5. anguish
  1. a exhausted, verb
  2. b dreamily thoughtful, adj.
  3. c a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character,noun
  4. d without respect, adv.
  5. e extreme mental/physical distress, noun

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  1. the quality of being crafty, noun
  2. unaware, adj.
  3. lacking spirit or liveliness, adj.
  4. occurring throughout, adj.
  5. unnaturally thin, adj.

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  1. revulsiona sudden, intense feeling of disgust, noun


  2. rebukean act or expression of criticism and censure, noun- censure severely or angrily, verb


  3. tangibleimpossible to hear, adj.


  4. allaythe quality of being crafty, noun


  5. truancyfailure to attend (especially school), noun