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printmaker's roller


to rub with friction in order to transfer a print to paper; used when printing press is not

linoleum block

piece of thick, soft, cork linoleum often mounted on a block of wood that is then carved on using a relief technique

printing press

machine that transfers lettering or images by contact with various forms of inked surfaces on to paper

bird's eye view

anything above the horizon line

worm's eye view

anything below the horizon line


refers to the visual effect or optical illusion that an object or distance appears shorter than it actually is because it is angled toward the viewer

one point perspective

objects having only one vanishing point

two point perspective

objects have two vanishing points


created by using elements that conflicts with one another; created by using complementary colors or light and dark values


defines the arrangement of elements and principles to create a feeling of completeness


point of attraction in a piece of art that draws the viewers eye


arranging elements so that no one part of a work overpowers or seems heavier than any other part


indicates movement by the repetition of elements; can make art seem active


describes when an element occurs over and over again in a composition


path of a point


height, width, and the illusion of depth


used to describe an object, show a symbol, invoke an emotion, and have a psychological meaning


relative light and darkness


perceivable area


actual or stimulated tactile quality/surface area


describes volume and mass

limestone and marble

building materials used for Greek architecture

archaic period art

stiff posture (Kouros)

classical period art

muscles began to be large and realistic; "perfect body"; began to move

hellenistic period art

made of bronze and marble; no balance; beauty less important than emotion


most beautiful queen of Egypt

Egyptian drawing system

used grid, feet sideways, palms up, face sideways


slaves, built Egyptian civilization

Alexander the Great

conquered and ended the Egyptian civilization

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