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Networking Unit 4-4A

ISO/IEC 11179
the singe ISO standard that lays out much of what is required for the definition and maintenance of data elements; stops short of the entire requirements, but is the best set of rules available
Part 1 of ISO 11179
framework for the Specification and Standardization of Data Elements
Part 2 of ISO 11179
classification for data elements
Part 3 of ISO 11179
basic attributes of data elements
Part 4 of ISO 11179
rules and guidelines for the formulation of data definitions
Part 5 of ISO 11179
naming and identification principles for data elements
Part 6 of ISO 11179
registration of data elements
National Cancer Instititute
has done much work in creating data element registries
Cancer Data Standard Repository (caDSR)
registry of common data elements created by NCI
Enterprise Vocabulary Service (EVS)
registry of terminology used by CDSR; created by NCI; includes SNOMED-CT, MedDRA, VA NDF-RT, LOINC, HL7, NCI Thesaurus
cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG)
overseen by the National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology; addresses the needs of all constituencies in the cancer community -researchers, clinicians, patients- to share data and knowledge, simplify collaboration, speed research to get diagnostics and therapeutics fro bench to bedside faster, and more cost-effectively; addresses a critical problem facing both basic and clinical researchers today; an explosion of data that requires new approaches for collection, management, and analysis; is widely applicable to other therapeutic areas
Activities of caBIG
development of Vocabularies and Common Data Elements; evaluate and integrate systems for vocabulary and ontology content development used throughout caBIG system. and establish a review process that classifies vocabulary into bronze, silver, gold categories with rigid rules for definition
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) products
Study Data Tabulation Model, Operational Data Model; and The Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization (CDASH)
Date elements
a master set is a necessary part of semantic interoperability and must include a fully defined set of attributes, use ISO 11179 as the base for the master set; it must be a global effort