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  1. Fundamental Right of Privacy

  2. Case and Controversy
  3. Establishment Clause
    (Lemon v. Kurtzman)

    In order not to violate establishment
  4. To Uphold a State Statute (2)
  5. Bill of Attainder
  1. a Federal Court adjudication
    requires an actual and definite
    dispute between parties having
    adverse legal interests.
  2. b Legislative punishment of a
    named group or individual without
    judicial trial.
  3. c C Contraception
    A Abortion
    M Marriage
    P Procreation
    E Private Education
    R Family Relations
  4. d 1. The primary purpose must be secular
    2. Primary effect must neither inhibit nor
    advance religion
    3. No excessive government entanglement
    with religion
  5. e 1. Dormant Commerce Clause
    a. Non-discriminatory
    b. No undue burden on interstate
    commerce -use a balancing
    2. Police Power- health, safety,
    welfare, morals, aesthetics

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  1. Apply 3-part test. Regulation must:
    1. Further a significant government interest
    2. Be narrowly tailored, and
    3. Leave open alternative channels of
  2. 1. Underline who is passing the law
    2. Determine the subject matter of
    the question
    3. Match the appropriate power of
  3. 1. By Certiorari (discretionary; the
    "Rule of 4")
    2. By Appeal (very limited)
  4. A state may not be sued in federal court by its
    own citizens or citizens of another state
    without consent
  5. Congress may regulate any
    activity which has a "substantial
    economic effect" on interstate

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  1. Free Exercise MethodologyPurposeful interference Apply strict scrutiny test
    Incidental burden Apply rational basis test


  2. Standing
    Con Standards:
    Advisory Opinions
    Political Questions


  3. Procedural Due ProcessThe procedural safeguards of
    notice and a hearing are available
    whenever there is a serious
    deprivation of any life, liberty, or
    property interest.


  4. Article IV Privileges and
    Immunities Clause
    Prevents economic discrimination
    by one state against citizens or
    residents of another state,
    UNLESS a substantial
    government interest exists.


  5. "Content Specific" RegulationTo be obscene the material must:
    1. Appeal to the prurient interest in
    2. Depict sexual conduct in a patently
    offensive way; and
    3. Lack serious literary, artistic, political
    or scientific value