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Where did the Romans place the tombs of the dead?
By the sides of roads, right outside of towns
What was the normal way of disposing of the dead at this time?
What did the Romans believe would happen if the dead were not properly treated?
Their ghosts would haunt the living and possibly do harm to them.
According to an inscription, why was Lollius' tomb placed on by the side of the road?
So everyone who passed may say hello to him.
What are examples of items with which the dead would be supplied?
Tools, jewelry, toys
According to Lucian, why did the husband burn all of his dead wife's jewelry and clothes?
So she would have it in the next world.
Why did the wife's ghost reappear and what did it tell the husband? What did the husband do after this happened?
He had not burned one of the sandals, so he went and burned it.
Why were holes made in a tomb sometimes?
Food and drink could be offered to the dead.
What was the favorite drink of the dead? What was often used as a substitute?
Favorite: blood
Substitute: wine
What did Romans do to help the dead forget their unhappiness?
Decorate their tombs with garlands of flowers and gardens.
What traditionally would happen at each of the two annual festivals for the dead?
A) families remembered parents and relations who had died
B) families performed rites to exorcise any ghosts in their houses who might be lonely or hungry and therefore dangerous.
What are three examples of materials of cremation urns?
Stone, metal, and glass.
Describe the vase found outside the Herculaneum Gate and what is says about the man.
Fabulously expensive, hand- carved blue and white glass vase, showing his wealth.
What might happen to the ashes of poor people?
Put in second-hand storage jars, which were buried in the earth.
Where are the Elysian Fields and Tartarus?
The Underworld
What is the difference between the Elysian Fields and Tartarus?
Elysian Fields is where the good lived happily forever, Tartarus is where the wicked was punished for their crimes.
What was the punishment for Tityus?
Liver pecked out by vultures.
What was the punishment for the daughters of Danaus?
Carried water forever in pots with holes in the bottom.
What was different about Epicurus' belief of death?
He did not believe in any form of life after death.
To what did Epicureans devote all of their energy?
Making the most of life in this world #yolo