poets for english exam semester 2

19 terms by rypru333

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Nikki Giovanni

has received nineteen honary doctorates, three "Woman of the Year" awards, and two NAACP Image Awards

Walt Whitman

was born on Long Island, New York, in 1819 and was known for being an international humanist

Robert Frost

was born in San Francisco, CA in 1874, but moved to New England at age 11

Alfred Noyes

grew up in Wolverhampton, England

Langston Hughes

was born in Joplin, Missouri

Alfred Noyes

dropped out of school at 16; sold his first book Eighteen Poems when he was 20

Emily Dickinson

was born in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1830

Robert Frost

wrote about the life and landscape of New England and won four Pulitzer Prizes`

Emily Dickinson

wrote the poem "Because I Could Not Stop for Death," which shows her calm acceptance of Death

Nikki Giovanni

is a distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech

Walt Whitman

wrote a famous book of poetry is called Leaves of Grass, which is considered a masterpiece of world literature

Dylan Thomas

died of alcoholism at age 39

Alfred Noyes

suffered from blindness toward the end of his life and had to dictate his poetry for someone else to write down

Robert Frost

wrote "The Road Not Taken"

Langston Hughes

wrote poems that typically portrayed black life in American in the 20's-60's

Walt Whitman

wrote a famous poem that honored Abraham Lincoln upon his death

Emily Dickinson

lived in almost complete isolation for most of her life

Dylan Thomas

was a legendary figure, known for his theatrical readings of his own poetry, his roaring public disputes, and his excessive drinking

Nikki Giovanni

writes bold, controversial poems about the situation of Americans on all sides of various race issues

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