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William Berkeley

Virginia's governor, who tried to appease the Indians because he had a monopoly on the fur trade

Nathaniel Bacon

Man who led a rebellion, killing many Indians, but died suddenly of disease

Indentured Servitude

A system where someone would have their way to America paid, then work for a period of time for the person who paid their way, and would later be freed

Slave Codes

Codes adopted from Barbados, which made Africans and their children the property of their masters for life

Headright System

A system where someone would receive 50 acres of land for paying the way of an indentured servant. It benefited wealthy landowners rather than poor immigrants.


A sermon that scolded parishioners for weakening religious values. They followed Jeremiah of the Old Testament

Middle Passage

The middle leg of the triangular trade, where slaves were brought to the West Indies from Africa for sugar and molasses

Freedom Dues

The dues of a master to his indentured servant after the servant's period of indentured servitude. They included simple clothing, tools, and sometimes a parcel of land


People given large areas of land by a charter from the king

Bacon's Rebellion

A rebellion led against the Indians because of Governor Berkeley's refusal to get rid of Indians. It was quickly stopped after the death of its leader

Leisler's Rebellion

A rebellion in New York City, caused by the overthrowing of James I. The revolution inspired colonists to rid themselves of ruling authorities

Half-Way Covenant

A compromise made by the Puritan church that allowed the children of the elect into the church, with limited membership rights

Royal African Company

The company that had a monopoly on the slave trade, and once abolished, opened the doors for enterprising colonists to take advantage of the triangular trade

West Coast

The area of Africa where most of the slaves came from


The right to vote


The occupation of most of the Americans in the 17th century


Personal property


A region close to the water which was affected by the tides, had very fertile soil


Illegal execution of a person by a mob

Blue Blood

Someone of royal or noble lineage

First Families of Virginia (FFV)

The families who were established in Virginia before 1690, they held much sway in political decisions. They included the Washingtons, the Fitzhughs, and the Lees.

Nathaniel Hawthorne (The Scarlet Letter)

The auther of a book based on the Puritan custom of having adulterers where a capital "A" on all of their clothing

Salem Witch Trials

A frenzy of accusations caused by a handful of young girls, leading to the death of 20 people. Perhaps caused by the fungus ergot, a hallucinogen that could have contaminated the bread.

Old Deluder Satan Law (1647)

A law passed to protect the Massachusetts citizens from Satan. It required that all towns have a school, that all towns of 50 or more families have a public elementary school, and that all towns of 100 or more families have a secondary or Latin grammar school

William and Mary College (1693)

The first college founded in the South

Harvard College (1636)

The first college founded in America, founded to train young men for the ministry


Lacking importance or dignity

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