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  1. Theocracy
  2. prehistory
  3. estates
  4. Marin Mersenne
  5. the 95 theses
  1. a written by Martin Luther, used to display his displeasure with the Church's sale of indulgences
  2. b the division of the French population sinc the middle ages
  3. c French theologian, philosopher, mathematician and music theorist, often referred to as the "father of acoustics".
  4. d Government ruled by divine authority
  5. e the period before writing was developed

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  1. the Austrian foreign minister who was the leader of the Congress of Vienna; claimed that he was guided by the principal of legitimacy
  2. a sum of money given by the wife's family to the husband upon marriage
  3. gender does not stop me I can if necessary do that job too, highly educated Renaissance-era woman who was among the first to earn a living as a writer;
  4. the belief that the authority of kings comes directly from God
  5. Muslim Empire type government

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  1. PtolemyAlexandrian astronomer who proposed a geocentric system of astronomy that was undisputed until Copernicus (2nd century AD)


  2. Rococoa painting done on fresh, wet plaster with water-based paints


  3. Afonso Igreatest king of Congo


  4. brahmanthe highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category


  5. equatorthe division of the French population sinc the middle ages