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  1. Guttenberg's Bible
  2. Benjamin Franklin
  3. liberalism
  4. Sinan
  5. Spain
  1. a Printer, author, inventor, diplomat, statesman, and Founding Father. One of the few Americans who was highly respected in Europe, primarily due to his discoveries in the field of electricity.
  2. b the greatest of all Ottoman architects
  3. c the first European book produced from movable type
  4. d free from government restraint
  5. e financed Columbus' voyage in 1492

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  1. Spice Islands, 1st occupied by the Portuguese then by the Dutch
  2. Duke of Wellington
  3. Scottish engineer and inventor whose improvements in the steam engine led to its wide use in industry (1736-1819)
  4. New Stone Age
  5. the highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category

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  1. Aurangzebone of the most controversial rulers in India's history


  2. zamindarsan elite guard serving the Ottoman sultan


  3. Baburplaced almost all of India under his rule; nephew of Babur


  4. dynastythis is just passed around in my family


  5. conservatismtradition and social stability


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