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  1. dynasty
  2. defeated Napoleon at Waterloo
  3. Rene Descartes
  4. Rococo
  5. coup d'etat
  1. a a sudden overthrow of the government
  2. b Duke of Wellington
  3. c very highly ornamented; highly secular artistic style
  4. d 17th century French philosopher; wrote Discourse on Method; 1st principle "i think therefore i am"; believed mind and matter were completly seperate; known as father of modern rationalism
  5. e this is just passed around in my family

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  1. Savafids reached their high point under this leader
  2. Printer, author, inventor, diplomat, statesman, and Founding Father. One of the few Americans who was highly respected in Europe, primarily due to his discoveries in the field of electricity.
  3. Most famous artist of the Safavid Era
  4. a movement in the literary and visual arts
  5. founder of the Mogul dynasty

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  1. new kingdomthe period of ancient egyptian history that followed the overthrow of the hyksos rulers, lasting from about1570 to 1075 B.C.


  2. mercenariessoldiers who sold their services to the highest bidder


  3. James Wattthe division of the French population sinc the middle ages


  4. Muhammadplaced almost all of India under his rule; nephew of Babur


  5. conservatismtradition and social stability


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