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  1. defeated Napoleon at Waterloo
  2. Babur
  3. Pashas
  4. Janissary
  5. enlightened absolutism
  1. a system in which rulers tried to govern by enlightenment principles while maintaining their full royal powers
  2. b Ottoman officials appointed by the Ottoman central government
  3. c an elite guard serving the Ottoman sultan
  4. d founder of the Mogul dynasty
  5. e Duke of Wellington

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  1. introduced westernization to the Russians
  2. a period of order and stability that lasted until about 1750 bc
  3. slaves' journey between Africa and the Americas
  4. placese the earth at the center of the universe
  5. Most famous artist of the Safavid Era

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  1. Marin Mersennerebirth; the great period of rebirth in art, literature, and learning in the 14th-16th centuries, which marked the transition into the modern periods of European history


  2. Renaissancethis is just passed around in my family


  3. puddlingprocess in which coke derived from coal is used to burn away impurities in crude iron to produce high quality iron.


  4. Anatolian Peninsulathe doctrine that nations should act independently (rather than collectively) to attain their goals


  5. Muhammadprophet of Allah