40 terms


whats the english unit for force.?
pound or "lb"
what is the SI unit for force.?
is force a push or a pull.?
whats a scalar.?
a measurable quantity, such as mass, that has both a magnitude and a direction.
what is vector.?
a measurable quantity, such as force, that has both a magnitude and a direction.
what is Torque.?
Torque is the effect of rotational force applied on a body at some distance from its axis of rotation.
How is Torque found.?
By multiplying the "force applied" times the length of the lever arm.
True or False.
Forces are used in all mechanical systems.
True or False.
Force is a push or a pull.
How are forces measured.?
With spring balances.
what is equilibrium?
a result of balanced forces.
how are forces described.?
by giving its magnitude and its direction.
what are some other important vectors besides force.?
velocity, acceleration and momentum.
what are three examples of scalar.?
temperatur, preesure and mass.
what can represent forces.?
an arrow.
what does the arrows length represent.?
magnitude of the force
what does the arrow heading represent.?
direction of the force
are forces easy to add if they act along the same line?
how do you get the total force of 2 forces that act in opposite directions?
how do you get the total force of 2 forces that act in the same direction.?
add them as ordinary numbers.
what can unbalanced mechanical forces cause?
a change in speed, direction or shape of an object.
what do balanced mechanical forces cause.?
no change.
how are forces added that act at an angle.?
are weight and mass the same thing.?
what is mass.?
the total amount of matter contained in an object.
does mass change with location?
what does mass depend on?
type and number of atoms contained in an object.
what does weight depend on?
it depends on where an object is.
what is "Ibm"?
pounds mass
what are 3 examples of Torque?
gears, crankshafts, flywheels, fans, motors, bolts and screws.
what is "cw"?
clockwise rotation
what is "ccw"?
counterclockwise rotations.
is the lever arm always the shortest distance from the rotation axis?
what is the formula for torque equals applied force times lever arm?
T = F × L
what is force often called?
pull of gravity or just gravity
what is the mosst common forces in our lives?
the pull of earth on us.
what does torque consists of?
linear mechanical force and a lever arm.
what happens if the clockwise and counterclockwise torques cancel each other?
it is turned into equilibrium.
what is AB?
the length of lever arm.
where are most torque wrenches found in?
automotive shops are calibrated in either Ib · ft or N · m.